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Information: The date in the following list, tells you, when the word was brought online here. There are more prophetic words in German.

Daniel GlimmDaniel Glimm is a strategic counselor, who is giving directive instructions by application of the biblical principles and prophecy.
He is married and an ordained minister as well as a prophetic scribe, who is serving as a part of the leadership team in the prophetic fellowship EAGLES NEST in Berlin-Spandau and the apostolic center HOLY PLACE.
Furthermore Daniel is helping to establish prophetic ministries and regional churches.
It is his desire to see the kingdom of God and His righteousness on earth established by the righteous acts of the saints (see Matthew 6:33; Revelation 19:8).


And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.
1.Chronicles 12:32

Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good.
1.Thessalonians 5:20-21

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.
1.Corinthians 14:1

For we know in part and we prophesy in part.
1.Corinthians 13:9

But I would rather have you prophesy. He who prophesies is greater than one who speaks in tongues.
1.Corinthians 14:3

... For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
Revelation 19:10

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October 2019

16.10.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Biblical Feasts and the Acting of Ezekiel and Elijah
11.10.2019, Jeff Beacham
The Clash of the Kingdoms - The Kingdom of Self and the Kingdom of God
07.10.2019, Daniel Glimm
I'll Destroy the Panic Maker!
02.10.2019, Daniel Glimm
A Shepherd's Rod for the Biblical Year 5780 and the Gregorian Year 2020

September 2019

29.09.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Power To Move Mountains
25.09.2019, Chuck D. Pierce
It is Finished! Be Drawn and Break Forth into the New!
23.09.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Locked Room and the Fullness of Time
18.09.2019, Lance Wallnau
The Preservation from Blocking Your Own Transition
15.09.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Completion of Time and the New Decade
10.09.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Sincere Pursuit After the Bridegroom
06.09.2019, Chip Brogden
A Call to Prophetic Responsibility
01.09.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Unknown Potential Becomes Visible!

August 2019

26.08.2019, Chip Brogden
Beyond “Spirit-Filled”
20.08.2019, Daniel Glimm
The New Stay and God's Grace
17.08.2019, Chuck D. Pierce
Praising God to Remove all Offenses!
14.08.2019, Chuck D. Pierce
Your Time to Come Out In the Sun!
11.08.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Concealment of God and the Glory
05.08.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Movement of the New Wine
01.08.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Roof and the Supernatural Realm

July 2019

25.07.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Closeness to the River and God's Revelation
22.07.2019, Chuck D. Pierce
Saddle Up to Ride into New Fields Ahead!
19.07.2019, Chip Brogden
A Convenient Cult
15.07.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Two Winds and the Higher Level of Prayer
10.07.2019, Daniel Glimm
Advancing in the Relationship of the Heavenly Father
05.07.2019, Daniel Glimm
God's Set Standard for this Time
01.07.2019, Daniel Glimm
Jesus Leaves the House and Gets on the Boat

June 2019

25.06.2019, Daniel Glimm
The New Direction and the Higher Way
19.06.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Sown Seed Between Thorns
13.06.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Time of Renewal and Restoration
10.06.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Shipwreck of Paul – The Days of the Winds and the Double
06.06.2019, Daniel Glimm
Togetherness and Assignment
01.06.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Circumcision of the Heart and the Ant

May 2019

26.05.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Phase of Divine Shaping
21.05.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Biblical Understanding of Giving
16.05.2019, James W. Goll
Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit
11.05.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Call to Stay in the House of the Master
06.05.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Release from an Old Time
02.05.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Head of Elijah between his Knees

April 2019

26.04.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Stone in the Wall and the Wood
22.04.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Secret Of The Forty Days Of Jesus After The Resurrection
18.04.2019, Daniel Glimm
Passover And The Love Of The Father
15.04.2019, Chuck D. Pierce & Robert Heidler
Passover and its Importance
11.04.2019, Daniel Glimm
Invitation to Invest into the New Annual Cycle of Redemption (Passover) 5779
08.04.2019, Daniel Glimm
God-given Authority Requires Responsible Action
02.04.2019, Daniel Glimm
Kryptonite and the Covering Presence of God

March 2019

28.03.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Throne of Solomon and the Eternal Government of God
23.03.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Fall of the Oppressor and the New Responsibility
19.03.2019, Daniel Glimm
Ecstatic Prophecy – A Powerful Tool of God
14.03.2019, Howard Bass
Chosen People, or Myth?
09.03.2019, Daniel Glimm
God's Standard and the Deliverance from Evil Spirits
04.03.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Mysteries of God and His Waters

February 2019

27.02.2019, Daniel Glimm
Enter into the Greater Prophetic Presence of God
22.02.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Water Gate and the Standard of the Word of God
17.02.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Holy Kiss
12.02.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Newly Formed Divine Structure
07.02.2019, Daniel Glimm
There Are Things That Have To Go Overboard!
03.02.2019, James W. Goll
Living Outside the Box!

January 2019

31.01.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Righteousness and Favor of God
26.01.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Verification Of A Prophetic Word
21.01.2019, Chuck D. Pierce, Daniel Glimm
The Necessary Rest in Times of Challenge
16.01.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Living Word of God Brings Relief!
11.01.2019, Daniel Glimm
Breaking with Old Mind Patterns and Staying in the Moment of God
06.01.2019, Daniel Glimm
The Power of the Matrix of God
01.01.2019, Daniel Glimm
A Shepherds Rod for the Biblical Year 5779 and the Gregorian Year 2019

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