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Taste and Receive the “Bread” for Your New Season!

25.07.2017, Chuck D. Pierce


“I am bringing you under a new covering. I am building over you that which needs to shade you in the wilderness that you’ve been in. As I build this over you in the weeks ahead, you will begin to rise up with a SHOUT that produces the way to your oasis! Your oasis is waiting, but you must first come under My covering to wait for the sound that causes the oasis to be seen.
“I am already creating that new place for you. What I’m doing and giving you now is preparing you for the season ahead. If you’ll taste and see now, your transition will not be as hard as you’re making it. Taste what I am bringing into you now, and you’ll be able to transition in the moment of My timing. Do not keep eating at the same table you’ve been eating at, for I am visiting you now to give you what you need for the next season.  
“I am forming your new scheduling. I am establishing the traditions you need for your future. I am causing you to let go of your past traditions so you can now see what will secure you in the next seven years. Quit resisting what I am doing now! Taste and see, and you will enter in and be established in a new place. There is a new order for the future! Enter into the order that will cause you to overcome and gain your victory!”
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries