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The Sound Of The Unusual Rain

17.05.2017, Daniel Glimm

‹bersetzung: Margit Kelly

„There is a sound of unusual rain in the spirit realm manifesting in the earth, as this is the time of visitation which carries in it a new spiritual abundance!
It is a rain which generates fruit for now and future times, and it is connected to great laughter!
People will say, „this is incredible!” And the LORD says, “suddenly I will present you with new possibilities, and you shall perceive them as an entrance and you will go through them!
Greater authority descends on your life like a robe being put on you to reign with more influence (see 1 Kings 19:19)!
Because you did not close your mind to My high thoughts, but allowed Me to renew your mind and your spirit; this is the reason for the new regnancy (see Isaiah 55:8-11 i.c.w. Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:23)!
The new possibility takes you into a phase of visitation from the LORD, where you will see Him coming from the north-west!
It is a movement bringing support and help to secure the next generation!
It is the securing of the sound of spirit-filled truth!
The letter kills, but it is the spirit who gives life, says the spirit of the prophet (see 2 Corinthians 3:6)!
The spirit of the Fear of the Lord moves by the power of the “living letter” so that readiness to compromise is removed from the relationship with God, and the fellowship of saints is revived (see Ezra 10:9b i.c.w. Deuteronomy 3:2)!
There is the approaching blanket of dark clouds carrying the travail of God inside that leads to a change of direction!
It is the heroic travail of God accompanied by the new sound, for the victory of God is established and readiness to compromise is removed (see Isaiah 42:10.13-14.17)!
The condition that was previously lukewarm suddenly turns cold and hot, so that clear decisions can be made (see Revelation 3:15 i.c.w. Matthew 5:37)!
There are fellowships of saints receiving the movement of the spirit from the north-west and reaching out in a new way for the move of JESUS CHRIST as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!
Worship in spirit and in truth gains increase and brings healing as well as an arising in the atmosphere, thus resulting in the liberation of people, says the spirit of the prophet (see John 12:12-13)!
In the midst of it all the apostolic wind of the LORD is moving, bringing the covenant thoughts of God for this time down to earth; this wind is like the harbor of Phoenix, open towards two sides!
It is about the harbor, as it is the mighty angel who conveys the spiritual truth for this time to the church, standing with his right foot on the sea and with his left foot on the land (see Acts 27:12 i.c.w. Revelation 10:1-3)!
“Germany, watch your coasts”, says the LORD!“
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm