I Am Sending SHOCK into the Pools Around You! A New Season of Harvest Has Begun!

“I am sending SHOCK into the pools all around you.  In the midst of these pools, fish will begin to jump and say, ‘The water has been shocked!’ Because I am shocking the water, there will be no further delay in catching fish.  I will cause whatever fish you need to jump before you.  You’ll find the coin in the fish’s mouth for taxes!  You’ll find what you need for reparations. You’ll find what you need for your positioning. I am shocking the waters and the fish are beginning to jump! 
“Don’t allow last season’s grief and loss to obscure your vision for what is now before you.  Fish are jumping right in front of you, but because of your tears you are missing what has begun.  This is your day to let go of sorrow and step into the season I have for you.  Open your eyes and see!  I am shocking things around you so that new harvest begins.  Don’t call unclean what I call clean for some things that rise up will astound you.  Catch and eat what I bring up!  Your shocking season has begun.
“This is the season of the new thing!   I am going to cause you to harvest that which you never thought you would harvest.  This harvest is going to be unusual and out of the box.  I am circumcising your eyes so you can see the new work I am doing in, through, and around you.  Watch what I bring before you.  I am going to spring up things you had forgotten about.  I am resurrecting things you never thought would come to fruition.  This springing up will not be a slow work.  I will cause harvest to come up quickly and you will reap like never before!  This is your hour to overtake the one sowing seed (Amos 9:13).  Do not be dull or slow to move into the fields.  Watch what I am doing.  What seems incredible now will only be a beginning for what lies ahead.”

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries