Come Up Higher and Watch Me Unlock Your Way of Access!

“I will have an unexpected authority open up a way of access for you. There have been doors locked, chained, and even grown rusty.  I will bring you up, and an unexpected authority will open up the way for you to come in. Things that you need to progress in your restoration will now be unlocked. The next step you take will reconcile what you have missed in the past. Time will be redeemed quickly and you will see your path to cross from your past to your future. I will realign you, and your next step will produce rest in your soul. I can do it in a moment! 
Just as the Egyptian authorities determined to drown My Hebrew children, I drowned the Egyptians in similar, but greater, measure. Just as the enemy determined to drown you in the past season and take out your future, I am ready to measure that same measure, and beyond, upon your enemy. I will raise you up with eagle’s wings and you will watch Me as I come down on the enemy around you. I am determining the boundaries of My people so they get the revelation they need to be victorious in the future.
Begin to change your garments.  Wash your garments from the iniquities of the past season, and remove the failures that beset you and slowed you down in the past. Take off the weights that I tell you to take off and be ready to war. For I will put a mantle of triumph upon you! So come up, that I can come down. You will now hear the sounds of the heavens beginning to move. Heaven is realigning to position itself over you. And if I can realign Heaven over you, you can align with Heaven and bring Heaven’s will into the earth!”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries