The next six weeks- a time of un-downing your nest


“The next six weeks will be a time of un-downing your nest. For many of you have grown accustomed to the place where your nest is, but I will be removing the down in the nest that you’re in. This removal will be the preparation of propelling you into the future I have for you. Do not be discouraged from the pricking that you go through over this next six weeks. For the pricking, and the pricks that you hear coming, are part of the un-nesting that will propel you higher as you begin to be pushed into the next dimension of your destiny.
This is My time of pushing you forth. As you have heard today, mercy will come, mercy will come, mercy will come, mercy will come, mercy will come, and mercy will come again! I will have a people rising above the fray in this land!”

Shout, “Let there be LIGHT!”  Declare this is your time of RECALIBRATION! Decree TRIUMPH over the five-dimensions of enemies that would try to come against you. This is your time to enter into the preparation for your next level of ascending! 


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries