Seize the Day!

A Month of Confrontation – Seize the Day!

“This will be a month of confrontation. This will be a month of carpe diem – ‘seize the day’ -- for there will be confrontations that give you entrance to ‘seize the day’ and break open your way in days ahead. Do not fall back from the confrontations that will be on your path. Out of those confrontations, out of those solicitations, and out of those divine meetings you will ‘seize the day!’

The Wind Will Shake the Trees! Listen for the Wind!

“This will be a month the trees begin to shake. If you will step out into the wind when the wind begins to blow, then you will hear where you need to go. I am sending My people this way and that way! In the midst of the wind blowing, new strategies for increase will blow in the wind. Make a list of every way you’ve increased in the past. Then hear Me blow! My wind of multiplication will blow you into a strategy of increase for the future.”

Go Back – Review, and I will Give You Vision of How to Go!

“If you will go back and review what I have done in you, I will give you vision of how I am going to use you with others in days ahead. You are at the brink of multiplication! Do not back up! Listen, review, and see where I would have you go! This has been a season of repositioning. In My repositioning, I have called some of you to remain where you are, I have called some of you to be still in your current place so you can increase there in your future. See your position. Now you will move out to the right and the left and increase will come. I healed you so others could be healed. I broke you through so you could break others through. I caused you to be delivered so many could be delivered. This is your beginning of moving out!  Hear the word from behind you telling you which way to go!”

What Bound You will Become a Weapon Against the Enemy!

“Use that which had you bound as a whip on the enemy. If you’ll look back and see how the enemy had you bound, you will unravel the powers that have bound you and find the gift of increase that was in the midst of your captivity. I want healing in My body, and I want My body to prosper again. A portal is forming over you -- one that you have never seen before! Run under this portal and watch Me pour down upon you. You are just beginning to receive. Don’t interpret your future from your past, but allow your past to come under the portal of your future. I will pour over you the identity that you need to step under. It is this identity that will overcome the enemy of your past.” 

Your Senses are Coming Alive

“I am redefining your senses. You will see how to move and operate in the portal that is coming down now. I am redefining your senses in the watch so that do not shut your eyes in the hour of watch. Be ready for Me, and watch Me as I begin to move in the watch. As you walk this month, once that portal is over you then you’ll be able to see all that has gone on in the past year – maybe the past 70 years – realign. You’re going to see the angelic hosts – Lord Sabaoth – God of the stars – Lord of Hosts – Lord of the Armies, aligning heaven and earth. You’re going to begin to walk in a way that, all-of-a-sudden, your path opens up and you see angelic guidance assisting you…hearing them speak, ‘Turn to the right, turn to the left. The path ahead is open.’”

Oklahoma on Gods Radar this Year!

“I have chosen to unlock Oklahoma, and in unlocking Oklahoma I will unlock this entire nation. For My First People are in that place, and DNA for the nation exists there. So from the east, I will begin to manifest My Spirit in a new way.”

Transition Now!

“This is your transition month into all that will connect you into what you are to do and how you are to walk. Your identity is transitioning right now. You are being unlocked in a whole new way!”
  Ten year-old Gabriella Kooiman released the following vision: “I saw a man sitting on church steps. He was a poor and older, and he had a basket with a sign that said ‘please give me food or money.’ He put his head down and closed his eyes, and when he opened them up he saw kids of age 5 to 12 coming down the church steps with food and water and money, and dumping them into his basket.”

Generations Connecting for Supply!

“I am connecting the generations!  Where one generation didn’t have the provision they needed to accomplish their call, I’ll send another generation to unlock and pour in so that what needs to be finished in one generation will now be finished in another generation. I am an abundant God, and I am a Father who is capable of giving what I need to give. I am now unlocking what you need to finish strong! I am connecting the generations. I am moving in ways you can’t understand. I am a good Father.

“I am doing something new in the younger generation. There is a sound going out that will draw them and they will have to run, and they will be like the prodigal who said, ‘I’ve got to get back to my father’s house. I don’t care what I have to do, I’ve got to get back to my father’s house!’ There’s going to be sound and they’re going to hear it and they’re going to run, and they’re going to begin to ascend. There are so many of the older generation who were marked for salvation during the Jesus Movement, but they lacked whatever was necessary that they could come into salvation. This new move that I am doing in the younger generation is going to pour on them everything they need to come fully into salvation. They won’t just sit on the steps and say, ‘Can anybody help me?’, but will receive from the younger generation who have heard that call and ascended to the place where I am.”
(Chuck D. Pierce, Tobias Lyons, Gabriella Kooiman, Linda Heidler)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries