The Fire of Heaven Has Been Unlocked!

Dear Ascending Ones,
last Sunday, the Spirit of God began to release a Holy Fire in our midst.

“I am building a fire around you. Let My fire penetrate infirmity, poverty, and confusion! Open your eyes and see the fire-bringers! Once you have ascended into heaven, My angelic messengers are following you bringing fire, so join Me in building a fire around about you. I am bringing candles and lampstands. I am building a fire around you that will quench the enemy’s voice. The fire that I am sending has a cadence about it. This fire will march on your behalf!  My fire will pave the way and clear the briers of your past. This will now enable you to enter into your destiny in a way you couldn’t even see in other seasons.
“Because of the unforgiveness in your heart, I haven’t been able to light you fully. Turn back to Me so I can light you in a new way. Know that I am the God that answers by fire! Be lit today! Burn for Me today! Watch Me come down and deliver you from poverty and sickness! Watch the explosions and outbursts during this month! I will bring down something greater than every fire set against My will. Watch the patterns of the fires throughout the earth, until spring. I am cleaning away the debris of winter in My people’s hearts. Watch the fires, for they are beginning to burn! Things that were fire-retardant and resisted the fire of the last season will not be able to resist this fire! I am about to consume things you never thought could be consumed. The Fire of Heaven has been unlocked. Now receive the fire of change!”  (Chuck D. Pierce, Shatece McLeod, Chad Foxworth, James Vincent)