God's About to Use Shadows to Heal Again

Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.—Acts 5:15

God uses shadows. I don't mean spooky, weird, strange or hidden things. He wants to use your shadow. In Acts 5 Peter's shadow became an "overshadowing" of the power of God. God's power wants to overshadow every circumstance.

Only when the wedding party ran out of wine was when they asked Jesus for help (John 2). No, the Church is not out of wine by a long shot. They thought they were doing quite well with their own wine, but never knew what they were missing until they tasted what Jesus could provide. I believe Jesus is saving the best for last. I see people in the Spirit laying down their glory and allowing His glory and power to fall on them. What a trade!

God overshadowed that party. Notice, shadows have no pride. They care not what others think. They go wherever they need to; they do not rebel. They seek no recognition or reward. They do not brag. The person casting the shadow doesn't do the work; the power of God does.

God's overshadowing power is coming! Are you ready? Are you willing? Let His shadow begin!

His Overshadowing Will Birth Signs and Wonders

Mark my words, not all who see signs and wonders will believe (Luke 16:30-31). Then there are others who believe in signs and wonders but dwell on them, caring more for them than the One who grants them. We quickly dismiss those two camps. With that said, some will believe because of signs and wonders (John 4:48). Jesus was attested to (proven to be who He claimed) by signs and wonders (Acts 2:22).

The early Church abounded in signs and wonders. I believe the current Church (you, me, and anyone who will accept it) can be "overshadowed by His power." Peter was, and the result was people bringing their beds and couches into the street that they might be touched by his shadow...touched and healed. Many are healed through the laying on of hands, but when people start getting healed by shadows, we've got a major move of God in motion.

I'm not a nut nor a weirdo, but folks, something is afoot, and there is a sense of expectancy in the Kingdom. It's been proclaimed, prophesied, whispered in small circles, talked about in crowds, shouted from the roof tops, published, emailed, picked up and transmitted by satellite, twittered and agonizingly interceded for. Now it's about here, ready to be revealed.

The Gospel train is moving, the tracks have been laid, and many prophetic words will come to pass...but watch for the shadows, even yours.

What God's Overshadowing Means

In Luke 1 Gabriel is speaking with Mary, the mother of Jesus. The angel is telling her she will conceive a Son who will be called the Son of the Highest. She asks him how this will be? He says something very odd: "The power of the Highest shall overshadow thee" (verse 35) That word "overshadow" is the same Greek word in Acts 5:15 where "the sick were brought into the streets that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them."

Mary was overshadowed by the power of God, enveloping her in a cloud of glory and impregnating her with the Son of God. She abandoned herself to God's will. Peter walked in such holy recklessness and abandonment that the Most High overshadowed him and people flocked to receive and were healed.

God will cast His shadow on all who will not cast their own shadow. Signs and wonders will follow these people (Mark 16:20). Are these people elite, better than others or super holy? No, that doesn't bring miracles (Acts 3:12). They are people who refuse to quit. Battered, beaten down and fed up, they get up again and go on for God.

Rearrange the Furniture to Reach the Shadows of God

Notice, the first batch of new Believers (Acts 2:41) came into the Church because of a manifestation of the Holy Spirit (Tongues). They were overshadowed by God. The second batch (Acts 4:4) came in because of a manifestation of the Holy Spirit (healing the lame man at the Gate Beautiful). They were overshadowed by God. These were miracles that opened the floodgates of salvation for thousands.

People needed miracles in those days as much as they need them now. Maybe you need one or know someone who does. Overshadowing means good news. Soon, many prophets will predict God's glory overshadowing the Church. This is good news. (I have no use for doom and gloom, always giving out bad news. Yes, we all need repentance, but making people feel guilty makes people run from God, not to God. The Church doesn't need bad news. Sinners don't need bad news. They know how bad they are. They need the liberating power of God.)

I see in the Spirit the overshadowing power and love of God falling on the Church, causing many to bring their couches out into the streets and receive healing. Get ready to rearrange the furniture. Let Him overshadow you.

Al Thomas
Celebrating His Life Ministries