Change your Place of Position to stay in the Provision of God!

Prophesied on the 28`th of September 2010, Berlin-Spandau

“There is the place of the provision of God, where God has lead you some time ago to strengthen your spirit, soul and body!
Your were trained in your spiritual gifts over a long period of time to get stable in it, so that you are now able to leave fearlessly your present place to go in confidence into the new place of the manifesting power of God, says the spirit of the prophet (see 1 Kings 17:2-9)!

There is the security of God in your life, that causes you now to change the place to work out of the victorious power of the cross of Christ!
There is the healing of the sick, the casting out of evil spirits and dark forces, that get destroyed by your walk of faith (see Mark 16:17-18 in connection with Luke 10:19)!

There is the governmental authority of God, that causes the oppressive circumstance in your environment to transform, because of your seizing of the finished work of Christ at the cross!
You say: “I am fearing to hold the snake in the hand!” And the Spirit of the Lords says: “Catch the intended attack of darkness and rule by faith as a kingly priest to take it out of the way (see Mark 16:18a in connection with Exodus 4:3-5)!”
Don`t fear the false teachings, that people try to give to you!

There is a holy power, that is coming on your tongue, which animates you to speak at the right time with the FIRE OF GOD!
It is the power of My Blood, that drives the enemy back, says Jesus!
I erase made faults! I erase sin! I erase the sin in the book of your life (see Isaiah 1:18-19)!”

Amen and Amen.

Grapping the snake at the tail,

Daniel Glimm