I AM Controlling the GATES! Come up!" Hear the Shattering that is Changing YOUR Transition to Transformation!

Prophetic Revelation from Sunday Morning
(Chuck Pierce, Amber Pierce, Tiffany Smith, Barbara Wentroble and Keith Pierce)

"I AM Controlling the GATES! Come up! You have said, to Me, 'I've been going round and round and round again with the enemy.' This time you will surround the enemy, and where you've been going around in a circle, you will now take the rope of My word and tie that enemy to the stake. I will begin to pave your way forward. Instead of going around, NOW you will GO UP. For in the "UP" there is a coolness that you have not experienced. For in the midst of your going around, you have overheated! Go up now! I will cause you to enter into moisture from My Spirit that will cool your spirit down. You will say, 'Lord, I am refreshed'.

"There are gates in Heaven that I AM controlling. Now because you are responding in a new way, I will cause the GATES of HEAVEN to open and pour down upon this earth in ways that have not poured before. I AM controlling the Gates of Miracles. I AM controlling the Gates of Healings. I AM controlling the Gates of Release! I AM controlling the Gates of Supply for this next season. I AM controlling the GATES of TRIUMPH and rallying a reserve troop to advance in the earth! I AM controlling the Gates of Revelation for My people to know the future, and not drift back into their past! So let your sound rise up and My hand will unlock those GATES!!!!

"If you will seek me for twelve days, you will enter a new administration of seeking Me. I have said, 'Seek Me and you will find Me!' Seek Me and you will find treasures that have not been uncovered and fields that have not been pioneered! Watch Me draw you near to ME in the days ahead! Watch Me awaken you. Watch Me pull you near to Me. Watch Me have you yield in places you've not yielded before.

"Many of you have been crying out for healing and deliverance. You have not seen the purpose of why I say to 'DANCE!' You've thought, 'Dance is not part of my life. I do not need to do this! This is not part of personality.' But you have to dance! David had to dance! This caused the last season to despise the next move of My Spirit. This dance caused the separation of seasons and loyalties! I AM doing this again! If you'll dance like David, if you'll dance like Miriam, this will be key to your healing and your future.

"I say, "Vessels of Transformation . From Transition to Glory Transformed!"

Many have been in transition. You have said, 'How long is this going to go on? How long is this going to go on? When is this going to end?' I had to position you so you could be people of transformation, vessels holding My glory! Every place that you can go, I will have a people to transform that atmosphere. Every single place that your feet go! I am looking for people to transform that atmosphere. You must lean into every moment of transformation that you have! I AM looking for transformed hearts to transform cities.

"Surely the mountains of Tibet are bowing. Surely the cedars of Lebanon are cracking. Surely the tides in the seas are rising to a new roar. The God of glory is thundering! There is a thunder that is coming again to the hidden places of man. You have heard in the past of those that have jumped to get away from My judgment. I am coming this day with My glory to overthrow the thrones that have set themselves against Me. Go, look, and see! Mountains will bow! See the cracking trees. As the tides rise I will have a pathway that ushers in the glory unto Me.

"I have even found a people that have tapped into another realm. I have found a people who have opened up the heavens in a new way. I have found a people who have learned to unlock My glory so My glory can come into the earth realm. In these days I am going to move sovereignly! My glory will be seen! You'll not have to look for My glory. You'll not have to search and strive but just walk in this realm of heaven that is surrounding you. In this realm there shall be supernatural deliverance, supernatural healing, and supernatural manifestations. It is not something you are going to have to wait for. It is not for another time or season.

"I have even seen the longing of your heart. As you have pressed through that narrow place and did not stop nor give up, a realm of glory has broken open that your heart has longed for. Now watch Me come. When My glory comes, know that judgment shall be released in the earth realm, for the enemy cannot stand against My power. You are in another season. The glory realm has opened up. Now watch Me come and prove Myself mighty in the earth to you. Watch the other gods that have threatened and mocked you begin to bow. You shall see the reports in the media of what I shall do, for I am going to cause the earth to shake in a new way. Did I not say that I would shake everything that can be shaken? Watch for the shaking because My glory will shake loose everything that is not of Me in this new season.

"For there is a word between your hearing and Me striking. I am in the process of bringing down that which has been 'in-between.' For you have been caught in-between, but now where you've been in-between, a way will be made. Today the sound and the breaking are coming together and you will go through and into.

"Where you have desired to see the glory in days past, and I have given you glimpses of glory, this is a time you will hear the glory. This is a time that you will hear the sound of glory even as it comes. It will not be the soft sound. No, it shall be a shattering sound. A shattering sound of My glory is being released. Do not look just to see My glory but hear My glory in this new season.

"This day shattering has been loosed into the earth realm. Watch what begins to shatter. Watch windows that begin to break. Watch that which begins to fall apart. Watch the shattering, for you have opened the heavens and shattering is coming into the earth. Shatter everything that stands against the knowledge of My Kingdom. Locks on safety deposit boxes that have not broken will be shattered. Old structures of religious worship will be shattered. Even as a supersonic aircraft shatters the sound barrier, there is a shattering as you go up into the supernatural. The supernatural is occurring for you to come higher. Come higher. Come higher. Come higher. You are birthing the supernatural for the next move of God. You cannot get through this without My shattering, supernatural power!

"If you won't fear the shattering, you will receive My shadow of protection.

Some of your testimonies have come to a glorious end. Let Me bring that testimony into a place of rest. Let Me open up a way for you to enter into the next testimony that will break open your days ahead. I am extending My finger down from heaven. I am getting ready to make My people pliable again. I am moving them out of a very hard transition and moving them into a place of transformed glory. I am softening their hearts. I am dissecting carefully the mistrust that is planted in their cells. This will be removed. I am causing them to see again. I am causing them where they were hardened to gain vision for their future. I am shattering fear of the future from around them. Even your crying out has been quieted because it couldn't get through the rock of hardness that has been forming in your heart. But even the rocks can cry out!

Your heart cannot be too hard for Me. In a moment, I can make your heart light and filled with life. Joy that has been lost can be recovered. In a moment, the condemnation that you have piled so high on yourself can melt away. You will say, 'Lord, I would rather stand here naked and vulnerable than to be clothed in that sticky mess that I was clothed in.' You are becoming new!"


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries