Europe, The Ice is Breaking and You are Heating Up!

Prophecy by Sharon Stone received on April 23, 2010

"Europe, you have been living under a block of ice
You have been ice bound
Confined by ice
Frozen in time

I will not let you be a spiritual ice cap—
Where there's a permanent layer of ice covering the land
Europe, you are not an ice field

And the Kingdom of God advance will not be put on ice any longer
There is a thawing going on
The ice is beginning to melt
God says, "I am the Ice Breaker"—
For a New Beginning
To break through the reserve
You have lived, where you could feel the ice
And religiosity chilled you to the bone

But you're no longer on thin ice
You're moving from your risky situation
Where the ground was frozen
Now watch the warming trend

The volcano eruption is a sign of spiritual seasonal change—
From Ice to Fire
Where natural transportation was immobile
Spiritually, NOW—there is a little movement
You're being liquefied—
That you might be responsive to Me in a greater way

But I want you hot and passionate
Fiery not Frigid

Europe, the temperature is beginning to rise
You are heating up."

Dr. Sharon Stone
Christian International Europe