The Season of the Descending of Jesus

Prophesied on the 18`th of April 2010, Berlin- Spandau

“There is the time of the complete leprosy! There is the time of the complete skin rash, says the spirit of the prophet!

You say: “What leprosy?! How he can say this! That is crazy!”
And the spirit of the prophet says: “It is the time, in that Jesus is descending from the mountain, to declare those for pure, who seemed to be lost in the eyes of people!”

It is the season, in that the power of the apostolic preaching meets the challenge to rescue the lost and that, what is sick to be healed (see Leviticus 13:12-13; Luke 5:12-14)!
Blessed are those, who hunger and thirst after the King of Righteousness, because to those belongs the HIGHLAND OF GOD (see 2 Kings 7:3-9; Matthew 5:6)!

It is the hunger and thirst after Me in the people, that provoke ME to send My Zebaoth to free for them the way for their inheritance in the HIGHLAND!
Now is the time, in that people who fell apart from Me will return, because they saw Me descending from the mountain, says Jesus!
There is hunger and thirst after My truly presence and this is the reason, why I open them the way to their inheritance to be the voice for the inheritance, says the Lord!

There is the time of twilight to prophesy, that the season of standing still is finished and the time of moving forward has begun!
I am about to heal skin diseases to reveal, that I restored the measure of anointing in you!
I remove the power of the soul, so that the power of My Spirit alone will move out of you, says the Lord!
I heal not only the outward part of your body but your mind, body and soul!
There is the 1 under the 10, that returns to Me as the High Priest to bend before Me, says Jesus (see Luke 17:11-19; Hebrews 5:5-6)!
You shall experience the power of My voice and the power of My Holy Spirit in your life!
It is about the Spring Water and the Dove!
I am not looking on how you meet Me, but on how you return to Me, because you recognized with the eyes of your heart, that I AM the ONE, THAT touched you!

Experience the power, that touches your spirit that lives within you and stirs up the anointing, that I gave you, says the Lord!
It is the time of My multiple harvest! It is the harvest of souls (see John 4:35)! It is the harvest of material provision (see 2 Kings 7:8-9)! It is the harvest of spiritual provision and healing (see Mark 1:40-42)!
There are people, that the Lord called from the mothers womb into the ministry of a watchmen and who fell apart from the way of righteousness by the evil power of the enemy!
Now is the time, where they cry out after Jesus for help and because of this a transformation of their heart manifests, so that they stay once more again on the wall to protect the Bride, says the spirit of the prophet!
Hear the command of Jesus and experience the changing not only on your body, but in your mind, body and soul!

Keep attention in this season, that you don` t refuse the glorious movement of the Holy Spirit but come into agreement with the will of God!
Many people are asking: “Why is the mountain in Iceland spitting fire and covers Europe with a dark cloud?” and the spirit of the prophet says: “It is about the fiery increasing of the measure of the days of fire and about the releasing of the fresh revelation of the Word of God for this time (see Exodus 19:16-19)!
There is the power of repentance and returning, that operates over Europe! Lift up your heads and see; the fields are white for harvest!
Ministries and churches in Europe take a “STOP” and keep attention on the movement of the Holy Spirit!
Stop to follow your own goals and follow the goal giver (see Numbers 9:15-23)! It is about the united power of the Bride of Christ in Europe to release a higher measure of anointing (see Psalm 133)!”

Amen and Amen.

Bowing before Him,

Daniel Glimm