A Word For America, Israel, the Middle East, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Many Others

September 6, 2014 – From The Den:

Rejoicing and Celebration On the Streets of Jerusalem and America

I do not care what anybody says, God called this nation to be a light. Yes, it has flaws – so does Israel.
"Yes, it has imperfections, but did I call My people to perfection? I said you would be a light shining in a dark place. I said you would be a hand that would feed the hungry. And I gave you oil to heal nations. And I gave you My breath to sing. Even your national anthem has My breath on it.
"Now there are foes – ISIS is not an Islamic State. It is a god that was worshiped centuries and millennia ago, starting with Nimrod. That same spirit has rested upon the east, Middle East, and is knocking at your door. But you have acknowledged Me as the Lord God of your nation.
"ISIS will cease to influence and exist on the streets of My soil.
"America and Israel and western nations, you shall put your fist down on Turkey. You shall put your fist down on Russia, Syria, and Iran.
"ISIS! Heads have been taken from children. I do not like that!" says the Lord. "Therefore, I have come to the earth to examine and to inspect, to see how I shall judge you in the presence of your enemies.
"No 9/11 attempt shall be to their satisfaction," says the Lord, "no, but watch Chicago and watch Michigan, for there are terrorists that draw closer and closer to banish the sounds of praise. Israel has praised Me and shall continue. My people, ecclesia, shall praise Me, and they shall continue. Therefore, I am the guardian of this nation and I will put a stop to it and expose, expose, expose in the fall until you realize that I have spoken and it is so,"
says the Lord of Hosts.
What you have is a permeating of hope coming to you from one who has stepped into the future as far as 2019. That's what I've done by His Spirit to tell you that a season of war cannot remain a season of war. Seasons change; this will come to an end and rejoicing and celebration will once again be in the streets of Jerusalem and in the streets of America. That is all I have to say about that!

This is the latter part of what the Spirit gave me:

"What have I prepared for New Zealand? What have I prepared for Ukraine? What have I prepared for Russia, Estonia, Europe, and the Middle East? Yes, Yeshua is moving to a people who are dissatisfied. 'There is only one god but Allah,' they say, 'There is only one god but Allah.' Would you like to know what the Lord has to say? There is only one God but God; there is only one God but God, and I will go where I wish.

At Israel's Birthday in 2018

"I was able to tear down the wall through Ronald Reagan, and the curtain, but there are two more walls that will come down. And in 2018, at the celebration of Israel's birthday, there shall be an outpouring of My Spirit in Israel like it has not had since the days of David and the days of Jesus. You listen to Me, everybody.
"But I have prepared My Holy Spirit, who is part of our Godhead, our Trinity, to bring upon the earth, and especially America, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and many others, a move of the Holy Spirit that will creep over into the streets of the Middle East. And there shall be Damascus Road conversions take place in the highest places in terrorist organizations, and they shall come out and they shall reveal the truth and the evil of Islam. And there shall be a shaking in the kingdom, and the way that I shook in 1900 at the turn of the Century, in 1948, in the '60s and the '70s – I will accumulate them all in one and I shall pour out of My Spirit with a global renewal,"
says the Lord.


[While singing the modern day Hallelujah,] I want you to hear me please, because that song, not even specifically the melody, but the "Hallelujah" will suddenly emerge and begin to be sung all over the world. They say that Islam is attracting young people, but the Spirit told me, and I saw this, all over the world Jesus became popular. Jesus became famous again. A fame that is worthy of Him.
Conversions will take place in universities and schools, and the people that are professors and teachers that have taught all those erroneous things –
"In the presence of these, I will raise up scientists that will speak the truth, and it will spread. And people will try and stop it, but it will not be stopped. This shall spread, and spread, and spread, and there will be no control, for it shall be like a river." That's what I saw.
Now, many of you watching all over the world, you know what I do. There is an altar. You've heard directly from the Spirit of God, how He is going to move from one nation to the other through the streets. House churches will be just about in every street in the United States of America and in Europe. Every street, every neighborhood, shall have the ability to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom, for God will not allow His Son to return but will retain Him until the fulfillment of every prophetic word that the prophets prophesied.
And the one thing that is being restored at this very moment in the midst of rubble, in the midst of clay, in the midst of mire, is the Tabernacle of David. The restoration of the Tabernacle of David will bring about souls into the Kingdom by the millions, the tens of millions; and it shall be known, spoken about by Time Magazine.

A New Online Magazine – By Scientists Who Are Christians

And I saw a new magazine that is also going to come forth, not necessarily on paper alone, of course not, it'll be on the Internet – that shall speak of Christ.
But it shall use the finest of scientists, the finest of athletes, the finest of artists, the finest of economists and business people. Prosperity is at our door. Now you may say that doesn't look possible. Do not say that, because what God requires from you now is faith. You see, faith is the only thing that can please God. Without faith, it is impossible to please Him. If you're watching me now, you heard the word of the Lord.

September 13, 2014 – From The Den:

"There Are Angels, Angels Watching Over You"

The Spirit of the Lord would love to speak today:
"Let Me say My words that the earth may hear. I am the Creator of the ends of the earth. I know the evil that man can do, but I also know the good that man can do. What you see on your borders shall go on, but," God says, "I am the watcher of your borders. I am the guardian of the borders, for ISIS shall make their way. However, as I disarmed the enemies of Israel, I shall surprise them with angels that are watching over you. Now I want you to prophesy to America's borders and say, 'There are angels, angels watching over you.'"
The Spirit of God says,
"Hear Me, please. The nations that are entering in illegally, I have a huge plan for the Latino people. I have a massive plan that will shake ISIS, that will shake the terrorist organizations that are creeping into your nation. Conversions will take place as they cross your border. Are you hearing Me? Conversions will take place as they cross the border.
"They are entering into holy ground," says the Lord. "The blood of your forefathers was given and granted this land through prayers, through sweat, through tears, and through blood. Will I forget that? No! Watch the fall – the change and the shift. And I will cause you to stand and say, 'I never dreamed that this would happen in the fall.' Oh winter, oh winter, how beautiful is your snow all over the nation! Rejoice, for winter shall be a time of great rejoicing,"
says the Lord.

The Wells Will Be Filled From the Water Above

My spirit just spoke now and said there are wells that God is opening up. But a strange thing came as I was singing under the Spirit. He said,
"The wells will be filled from the water above and not from the earth, for they spring forth."
I heard Him saying,
"There are wells that are open but empty. No springs in your business, your home, your nation, your leaders, your churches." He said, "They've been waiting for the well to come earthbound from below, but," God said, "they've been looking in the wrong place. For the wells will be filled from the water from above. This is different. America shall not go into a full-scale war. Even though it is the desire of the people, I have placed My knee onto the head of this President.
"I am speaking. The hard neck of Pharaoh actually brought miracles upon Israel in Egypt. The stubbornness of Pharaoh brought great judgments upon the enemy, and there is a stubbornness that I have allowed in this nation to bring liberty and freedom and judgment upon your enemies that are coming to your land.
"I will pardon the stupidity of the removal of My presence and the people in Iraq, because they were waiting to come into those nations. But," God says, "I will yet honor the prayers of presidents past who are praying right now. There is an old man, President George Herbert Bush, who is praying. I am hearing him. There is George W. Bush – forget his politics! He is praying! I am hearing him!"
says the Lord.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center