A Time to Re-Member and Be Made Whole!

Dear Warring Saints,

during worship on Sunday morning, Holy Spirit began to break forth, and Linda Heidler and Janice Swinney joined me in prophesying:

"There are many in My body who have been dismembered, and suffered traumas and woundings. They feel like their very being has been pulled apart. But through the act of communion you will no longer be dis-membered. Rather, as you remember Me, you will be re-membered, you will be healed, and you will be knit back together. Those places that have been separated can be brought back into the true unity and true identity of who I called you to be. As you remember Me, you will be re-membered. I'm putting back together things that got scattered. In your confusion, you scattered portions of the promise and destiny that I had for you. But know that I can re-member you and put you back together when you remember Me. Now is the day to be put back together in a new way, and then you'll be able to take the giants in your land. When you backed away and chose to go the way of your own will, a portion of you was pulled apart. Change your mind today and I will re-member you, and you will be more whole today than when you chose the wrong way!
When I arise, your enemies are scattered. But when I arise, you are also made whole as you look at Me. Let Me scatter your enemies that stand before you. Let Me cause them to flee in many directions. I can take the level at which you are prospering now and cause you to increase 30-60-100 fold. The soil through the door that I am calling you is good! Choose the good soil that will prosper on your behalf for the future, and watch Me fell the giants before you. No giant in the land can stand!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries