Count the Omer and Move into Victory! Counting Your Days to a New Dimension of Increase!

Dear Prospering Saints:

This past weekend was nothing less than a performance of God in our midst to prepare us for our future. As we approach Pentecost, we must continue to shift our minds and thinking processes toward HARVEST. Even though the time frame from Passover to Pentecost is 50 Days, the next 40 days seem critical for God's children. This is the beginning of the next 40 days of critical revelation.


To "form" means to develop or mold the shape or outline of something or to give meaning, character or nature to something. Another way of looking at a forming time is when something is becoming what it will be in days ahead. This includes the conditioning of our mind and body in regard to its mental performance ahead. A forming season includes conceiving, training, and disciplining. This phase denotes the arrangement of the part of a thing that gives its distinctive appearance. A key scripture reference about Pentecost time is I Corinthians 16:8. Paul purposed to stay at Ephesus until Pentecost, because an effectual door was opened to him for his ministry. Many enemies are behind this forming door, but the Lord says
: "Do not focus on your enemies during this season, but watch the door form and be ready to enter into this new opportunity. I will give you grace over your enemies. I am releasing your new assignment and you will go forth into new mission fields."


Incredible revelation starts pouring in, between Passover and Pentecost. We are presently in the time of counting the Omer . the counting of days between Passover and Pentecost. This counting is intended to remind us of the link between Passover (which commemorates the Exodus), and Pentecost (which commemorates the giving of the Torah). Omer literally means sheaf. Leviticus 23:15 shares the blessing of counting the omer. The time between Passover and Pentecost is a transition time. Transition means you cross over. The omer time is the time of looking at how you will consume your supply and unlock supply for the future. This is an important period of growth and introspection. We must review all revelation from the past season, and the way we operated in supply in our last season.

Freed to Receive the Word! This counting reminded the Israelites that their redemption from slavery was not complete until they received the Torah. The people were freed from Egypt so that they could receive the Torah. A major reason of this season is to show your desire for revelation from God to come alive in you. If you enter into this time of "counting the omer" you will press in to new revelation.

Why this Timing? Why even be concerned about the Feasts?

Our covenant was established around the understanding of the sun, moon, and the earth in alignment with Father's plan of redemption. The Word of God revolves around the Feasts. They were holy assemblies, for holy rehearsals. The remembrance of these physical events causes us to understand the spiritual significance of what came and what is to come! The Feasts forecasted His sacrifice for us. Also, they foretell the full redemption of His people and the alignment of all nations, which are His inheritance (Psalm 2). When we participate in the waving of the Firstfruits at Passover time and then receiving the anointing to gather and increase at Pentecost (Feast of Weeks), our faith is displayed and our confidence arises for our provision to be released.

Today, there is a futility in legalistically participating in the Feasts. We cannot legalistically keep the Feasts, but we can honor the Father by remembering Him and receiving from Him at these appointed times (Gal. 3:10). No longer do we have to seek an ultimate Sacrifice - He was already given on the Cross. This broke Satan's headship over us personally, as well as mankind corporately. However, we must still "enter in" to the fullness of this plan. By participating and remembering the Feast times NOW, they cease to be shadows of things to come. They actually cause us to see our future path to our promise. May you eat the Word below, and journey closer to His plan of Fullness for your life. Psalm 34 says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Take time to join in and allow your FAITH to arise so you are positioned for a new dimension of increase!


Stop! Review your blessings! Bless God! Get to know Him! See the fullness of who He is, through His Son who was sent to redeem us. The seven weeks associated with counting the omer are meant to press you into spiritual improvement, new relationships, new respect, spiritual correction and restoration from the mistakes of the past, and the development of a triumphant mindset for the entire season ahead. Initially, I had thought to send you a daily process on how to do this, but realized that many people get into legalistic formulations and miss the point of why we do something.

Make a list of the promises that you wish to see manifest in this new season. List those promises and then speak them into the atmosphere around you. Decree that things you never saw in last season will manifest in this season. Remember, they may take another form in this season.

Realign Your Emotions Over the Next Few Days!

May you realign your emotions so the function of your "expectation" is restored and receptive from Holy Spirit. May your vision to be shifted, redefined and established. "Without a vision (prophetic revelation and utterance) a people perish". Unlock the supply lines for our future. This will entail warring to break the conformity of our thinking processes and develop a harvest mentality. This will also include understanding the dynamic of warring with structures that would stop the transference of wealth. I decree that after doing this focus your "end will be greater than your beginning". Biblically, the "counting of the Omer" would begin on the first day of the barley harvest by waving their harvest before the Lord. Pentecost is when the wheat harvest begins. Let's move from one level of harvest to another.

Day 1: Read Genesis 11-13;Leviticus 23: Luke 14:25-33. All Biblical understanding revolves around covenant.

Day 2: Read Exodus 15-16, Matthew 14:13-21, and Revelation 15. Rejoice and sing the song of the Lord. Thank the Lord for your deliverance. Meditate on the song of Moses. The suffering covenant people sang at their time of deliverance; we as Christians will sing it again. Thank Him for all the provision that you are receiving. Even if it is "wilderness" provision, thank Him! Let Him take what you have and break it open and multiply it. This song was a corporate song.

Day 3: Read Exodus 20 & 23, Matthew 17:5 and 28:20. These are key chapters in understanding justice. Ask the Lord to give you revelation of Feast times. This will cause you to understand God's timing for your life, as well as unlocking supply. Ask Him to make you aware of angelic visitation and leading. Confess as sin, the times when you were resistant to be led properly. Ask Him about a Firstfruit offering for the Feast of Pentecost. Much promise will be unlocked to you in these chapters.

Day 4: Read Joshua 3-5; 2 Samuel 5-7. These are chapters on preparation, and how to follow (the ark and the priests) into your future. Let me suggest a day of fasting. Focus on your place of crossing over for this season. Also, ask the Lord about those whom you have relationship with that are helping you move forward. Let the Lord revive your life by re-circumcising your heart. Many of us hang on to last season's provision. Declare that new provision will begin. The manna ceased and the Children of Israel had to learn to use the provision in their Promised Land. This allowed them to reinstate the Feast of Passover, to get them back on track. They were unable to do Passover for 40 years, because all they had was manna and quail. God changes our provision many times, to get us back in synch with His full plan. Get ready to face what has always seemed invincible to you. David had to learn the procession of the Ark! We must watch the Ark now!

Day 5: Read Matthew 14:22-36, John 6, and Exodus 33. Be willing to cross over into the place the Lord is calling you. You might want to pull aside into a quiet place, to really seek Father. Declare that you will not move forward without sensing His presence.

Day 6: Read Acts 12 and Esther 9. Memorize Philippians 2:27. Ask the Lord to do a new thing in your prayer life. The beheading of James was during Passover. Ask the Lord to hide you from the religious world. Many times our past failures propel us into a whole new fervency of prayer. Pray and ask God for angelic help to come down, so you can move into the next season. Make a declaration that every decree that is set against you will be exposed and overturned, and that you WILL advance.

Day 7: Read Ephesians 1-4. Recognize your condition, as well as your position. Thank Him, for the change that Holy Spirit has brought you. Thank Him, for His love that has gotten you through so many situations. Thank Him, that we are maturing into the fullness of His plan. Look at the government of the Church. Jesus ascended to Heaven to take His throne next to Father. He gives us access. Ask the Lord to be sure your gift is aligned corporately.

Get started now and do not look back!


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries