Disconnect Emotions and Look to the Other Side!

On Saturday morning, during our gathering, the Spirit of God began to speak powerfully during our time of worship. As we move forward into 2014, we want to let go of all that would hinder us from moving forward with freedom, and focus our eyes on the Author and Perfector of our faith. Here is a portion of the prophetic words that came forward:

"You've been looking for a needle in a haystack! I am causing you to get past the straw and build on a new foundation. Quit spending your time looking for that which you can't find. Because you keep looking for that which you can't find, you are missing the supply to build, with what you need to build. This is a season to build on a different foundation, a firm foundation, and from that place, I will put iron in your legs, to stand.

"I am bringing forth new alignments, and they will be the alignments that you did not know of. They will be alignments that will even be a strain for you. But they will be the alignments that I have set in your pathway, and they will be the new order. For there was an order you walked in, in a past season, where you had chosen the pathway that you would walk in, and you even chose your alignments. But this is a season when I am choosing for you. Begin to listen to My voice. Begin to hear what it is that I am saying. For I will cause there to be an army that will be aligned and arrayed in this season, as you have never been arrayed before. For I am cloaking you, afresh and anew, and I am placing a fresh, new mantle upon you. I am even causing your garments to be changed, so do not continue to look for the old. Do not continue to look for the familiar. Do not continue to look for that which I caused in a past season. This is a new day and I will do it in a new way. The new way is My way.

"Look again at relationships. Those that you have decided are one way, look again, for I am changing each person, even in your network. Some of you will connect in a new way, that you never thought you would. Other relationships you may move on past. Look, and discern carefully, what I have for you in this season, and how to connect. Wait, wait for a time, and look. As the path begins to form, and relations begin to form, don't connect too quickly, because you'll see with past eyes. Let Me change your vision. Let Me change your eyes as you begin to look into each person because I am doing a work, and have done a work, in this last season, that you know not of. There is a deep work that I have begun, and it's been in this last season. Now, if you'll look, with fresh eyes, you will look and see what I have done. So, wait, before you begin to connect in this season. Wait, and let Me show you what I have done, and discern, through their spirit, what is done there."

"So it was, in the last season that the enemy shattered the vessel that you are, and you've felt like your pieces were scattered on the ground, thousands of pieces, and they could not be put back together. But it is My Word, it is My glory, it is My grace that is the glue that gathered up your pieces and put them back together. For so it is that there is no gap in who you are in that tomorrow, for that gap is fixed. So go forth in the glory that I have established, for you will be victorious."

"Cast your net on the other side; you'll be surprised what you will find. Cast your net on the other side; you'll be surprised what you will find... Treasure was not in the place you sought and sought before; cast your net on the other side; you'll be surprised what you will find."
"Now is when you have a choice. You can either decide to disconnect your emotions and move forward, or you can hold on to past expectations and find yourself in lack. If you move forward with the emotions you had, from last year, then those nets that you throw out will come back empty. You either disconnect, or you'll find yourself cycling back again, and again, and again."
(Chuck Pierce, Deborah DeGar, DeeDee Roberts, Diane Roussel, James Vincent, and Tobias Lyons)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries