A Week of Intervention and Drawing!

Dear Awakened Ones,

we are all aware of the attacks in Paris, and the state of war this reflected. To overcome in days ahead, we must learn to walk in the Spirit, and recognize that Holy Spirit is the only restraining force of evil in the earth realm. During our Firstfruits Celebration on Sunday, there was such a powerful presence of Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God began to declare:

"This will be a week that I release a new seeking draw upon your life. You will begin to seek Me and long for Me. You will say, 'I must have intervention! I must have a breaking in of God's presence and His Life!' I am going to draw you, and you will seek Me and know Me in a way you haven't known Me. Feel the drawing, submit to the drawing, and watch the seeking begin! I will begin to draw you into that which you are longing to experience.

"This is not unlike when the IDF gathers before they go to war. They begin to worship and praise and say 'God is our Deliverer!' Today you have stepped into a unity that allows you to face an enemy that nothing but the praise and worship of the Lord God Almighty can stop. So rejoice! For you are fighting a war that only I can win -- and you with Me. There are more on My side than those that are against us. So rejoice! This is a war rally, and we will win!
"I am raising up columns. I am causing alignment to occur. I will be sending forth column after column after column until the enemy is pushed out of your sphere. From this day forward, do not agree with the enemy's voice in your sphere. Align yourself and push him out!

"This is an hour that I am raising up a Gideon Army. For many have been in fear, and many have been in hiding. But I am releasing a delivering anointing upon My Church. No longer shall you hide, and no longer shall you be in fear. I am calling you a mighty army! I am calling you valiant ones! I am delivering you from the hidden place! No longer will your voice be silent, for I am bringing you out. Know that in this hour I am revealing strategy from Heaven that will cause you to defeat the enemy. This is a season when Gideons are arising. You are not who you were in the past! Now you have come into who you really are, and you are My powerful army that I am releasing in the earth. Hell cannot stand against you! Demons cannot stand against you! I am empowering you to do what you could not do in the last season. Gideons, mighty valiant warriors, arise and receive this that I am releasing to you this day!

"Some of you have been through hellish times. Some of you brought that on yourself, and some of you were just caught up in a circumstance. If you will submit to Me today, I will send you forth, and what the enemy did against you, he will repay 7 times!

"The enemy has been bobbing up his head, and the enemy has been popping up at unique times around you. But I am putting in your hand a sharpened sword like a machete! I am giving you a new Word. The next time the enemy reveals his headship to you, you will chop off the enemy's head with that Word. You have backed off from crying out and saying, 'I will be victorious!' You have shut your mouth when you should have just shouted, 'God is with me!' This is a time that when the enemy shows his head, I will have a people who enforce the resurrection power that I have left for them in the earth.

"Does not My Word say, 'Be not deceived for God will not be mocked!' and 'That which a man sows will he also not reap?' Many have said, 'It's just about time! It's just about time! It's just about time!' But today I say that it's time! It's time! It's time! It's time! I am releasing an angelic army to co-partner with My people. I am surrounding My people with a host from Heaven, and you have a power within you and coming down from Heaven that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against.

"Today is a divine exchange. Exchange your fear for faith! Exchange your timidity for confidence. Exchange your quietness for a bold declaration! Today is a divine exchange and My people will no longer align themselves and agree with the enemy."  (by Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, Barbara Wentroble, Maggie Wallace, Marty Cassady)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries