A Word of the Lord - Walking in the Spirit

Hearing the Word of the Lord!

The remnant in the Body is alive and well. The world is changing drastically. Dark is getting darker and light is getting lighter. This brings me to what I am seeing.  The key to our spiritual life is learning to walk in the Lord!  Here is what the Spirit of God is saying to us:

“Many of you are saying that you can’t hear Me, but that is because you are rehearsing in your own ears all your problems and all your ills. Your thoughts can be your thoughts, but most of the time, they are Me trying to get your attention. Shut down all the contending voices, be quiet and still your emotions, and  then listen to Me! I have something to say to you, and if you’d just listen to Me I can put you on the right path. I determine your times and places! Walk with ME! Focus on My horizon line so you know the destination that you are journeying toward! You are part of a painting that is being composed by ME! I am painting you into a destined landscape. Focus on the horizon line so you’re not surprised by the darkness that is in your frame! I must have both light and darkness to compose YOUR PAINTING! Within the field of your painting there is a TREASURE to be found!  You must weather your entire landscape to find the treasure in your field. SEE differently! HEAR differently! SEE ME! HEAR ME! Change your frame of reference! I am adding new colors and new events to create the MASTERPIECE of your future!”

Walking in the Spirit!

Linda Heidler walks in the Spirit. She has helped me compose this focus that will help each of us gain a new perspective and direction.
Linda helped develop a teaching on “Nourishing and Exercising Your Spirit” so that you can fellowship in the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit is one of the least understood concepts of the Christian Life! When God formed man, He blew into him and created his spirit. Our spirit existed with God. When He blew into us, He created that inner part in us that belongs to Him. Psalm 139 states that He knit us together in our mother’s womb. That part in each human is there to be housed by Him. This allows our best destiny to be unlocked. That is the secret place in you that He longs to come and dwell to reconnect you to Himself.

We often try to relate to God through our soul or physical body. We try to find our worth through our mind, emotions, and looks. Unless we understand our true spiritual nature, we cannot function as a whole person! Many times we tend to seek the Lord in our quiet time, but then forget that He is present all day and would love to meet with us when we are least expecting Him. He is constantly longing to visit with you. As Penny Jackson recently shared, “I am just realizing that when something comes to my mind, most likely God is speaking to me. Most of us spend most of our lives thinking that our thoughts are ours. However, we are not our own. I think we have to divide our thoughts out to determine what God is saying, but I am learning that He communes with us more than we know! I am learning to listen more clearly for Him all day, rather than just in my quiet time!”  I believe that this summarizes the call to walk with Him in the Spirit.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries