A Time to Move Beyond the Wounding and Victimization of the Last Season!

Dear Saints on the Move,

last Sunday morning, during our Celebration on Father’s Day, the Spirit of the Lord moved so powerfully. Here is some of the prophetic revelation released at that time:

“This is a day when I am going to start mending the wounded heart in a way that it has not been mended before! For many have not been able to love in the way I intended them to love. Get ready, for in this season your heart will be pierced and healed in a dimension that it has not been before. As I heal your heart, the weight of your shoulders will be removed!  
“Look and look again. There is an old wound that has settled deep that I have come to touch this week, and in the touching of it I will release a new healing. In the healing of it there will be a new change. When you see the change then arise, arise, arise, arise from that place that you have called home. Because truly I am taking you into new heights. When healing occurs for one, I will use you to see healing occur for many!  
“So I AM working together that situation you’re in. I am pulling parts that have gone astray and parts that were not used in other times. I am creating something new in you, so watch Me work this week! And watch Me work next week, and watch Me work the week after that. For I am settling that which keeps accusing you from the past, and I am bringing you up above your enemies!
“I am coming to break calamity out of your midst. Truly today is a day when people who come through these doors are going to enter into My presence; no matter what their motive was coming in, the motive of their heart will be changed because healing will occur in this house from this moment forward.
“Some of you are in agreement with being the victim that you have been! Cut ties with your victimization! Cut ties with your victimization and you’ll become who I have destined you to be this season!
“There are diamonds under the rubble of the wall. This week, as you begin to rebuild the wall with your hands, the words of the enemy would try and accuse you, while rebuilding the wall. But the diamonds that will be uncovered from the rubble will be the thing that stops the words of the enemy!”
(Acijam Otxoa, Keith Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Tobias Lyons)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries