A Time of Rearranging! A Time of Reordering! A Time of Filling!

Dear Vessels in the Lord's Hands,

the Spirit of God was stirring on Sunday morning (10.05.2015), and we heard the Lord say:

"Hear My call this week, for I am calling you to COME UP and SEE! There are things that you are not having clear perspective on, but I will cause you to see, if you will just praise Me throughout the day. I will inhabit you! I will ride WITH YOU to a place where you will see that situation in a new way.
"I am causing the ground to cry out. Because the ground is crying out, I am watering it from the heavens. The heavens are shifting because the ground has cried out, and it is Judah that will flow into the season ahead. Judah will go first, for a new war season is at hand. Let the heavens shift, let the earth cry out, and watch as you see your paths change and open up. For this will be a week of changing paths and rearranging paths. From your place of praise, you will see the order of the direction of your day. Let your days be reordered this week!
"I am re-arranging the sounds of the earth. The rivers are shifting, and the land is shifting. Seeds that have been sown will now come to surface and be re-deposited. What you have cast on the water will now be returned. This is a season of re-filling. I am filling the broken cracks -- cracks in the land and cracks in you! Allow Me to fill up that which was broken in another season! For I am the Potter and you are the clay. I break that which is upon My wheel, that I may re-make you, re-fashion you, and re-mold you to be the glorious vessel that I've called you to be. I must change the vessels in the earth. For though you have been one way, I must re-make you now. I must re-make My Church. I must re-make the gifts in My Church so that I can pour in again and pour out in a new way.
"I saw the drought in you and around you, because you have set yourself against the Potter's wheel, and because you have set yourself against the Refiner's fire. I sent the storm to break up the fallow land and moisten it, so I can mold it. Embrace the molding, and you will receive the new identity and the new image I have in store for you. Come into a place of submission to My Wheel and you will see the vessel of honor I have called you to be."
(Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Diane Roussel)

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries