Through the Familiar to New Doors Ahead!

“There are familiar doors that you have gone through before. Though you are moving forward, I will be returning you to some places you’ve been to previously. For you to get back in those places, you must have the help and anointing of others to allow you to bring the spoils from those places back into the new.   Familiar and familial spirits are waiting to waylay you and stop you from entering, to complete your previous assignments. You must approach each familiar door differently than before. When you try to go back through a door I’ve already sent you through, even that will require a different angle of entry. Be delivered from old spiritual forces. Time is beginning to narrow around you.  In the midst of these narrowing times, I will anoint you, and cause others to be anointed to assist you so you accomplish what I am calling you to do. Some of those doors will also require others to help you get through. Only as you are fully led, covered and oiled by My Spirit, will you be able to move through those doors.  You will not only need an anointing, but a collaborative spirit – a synergy that will bring forth a new energy. Look to your companions, for in the cluster is the anointing.  They will assist you as you move through ever-narrowing doors. The opportunities are there, along with the resources and provision to get you through your door. You will be completing one season and beginning another. There are resources that have been deserted and others to be found. These are the days of going through, into the new!”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries