The Full Measure Of Sound And The Visitation Of God

Prophesied on the 25'th of January 2016, Najoth Berlin- Spandau

"There are life circumstances of people that do not hinder God to visit them!
There is the presence of saints, which leads nonbelievers, even enemies of the cross to be suddenly confronted with the presence of God to rethink (see Daniel 10:7 i.c.w. Acts 9:1-5.7)!
“Identities” are about to come to a higher level, to follow the call of Jesus Christ, saith the Spirit of the prophet (see 2 Samuel 12,24b-25 i.c.w. Mark 3:16; Acts 13:9)!
Saints who move on a lower level of relationship with God enter into a deeper relationship with Him which lead over from the ears to the eyes (see. Job 42:5)!
The reason for this is because they have centered themselves in the testimony of Jesus and the truth of the Word of God that is Jesus Christ to walk on the water (see Revelation 1:15;. Revelation 19:10e i.c.w. John 1:1-5.14; Matthew 14:26-29)!
There are the acts of faith which are like lightnings that lead to enlightenment (see Acts 9:10-12.17-18a)!
The fire of God transforms itself through the deeds of righteousness into lightening emanating from the throne room of God, saith the spirit of the prophet (see Ezekiel 1,13-14 i.c.w. Revelation 4:5)!
Be prepared for the recruitment that is send forth by God!
There is the time of your experience and the time of your promise that surrounds your current phase of fire which enables you in the near future to speak in boldness the words of God!
The reason for this is because you have come into contact with the fire of God!
You've seen for a long time the fire in visions, but now you start at the same time to feel it, saith the spirit of the prophet (see Isaiah 6:6-7)!
I make you aware of the sound in the midst of the precious tree! It is the sound that is located in the root system of the tree! This is the place where My Holy Spirit moves, saith the Lord!
It is about the full sound of THE ONE NEW MAN (see Isaiah 6:13 i.c.w. Romans 11:17-18;. Ephesians 2:14-18; Jeremiah 17:7-8)!
There are saints who haven't considered the Old Testament as important for a long time and on the other side other believers who haven't considered the New Testament for so important!
But now I call My people to walk in My full measure!
I add the "3" with the "4" in order to reveal the "Menorah"!
Pay attention to the sound of the triangle which includes a delicate-sounding tone that opens the door, so that you are able to see the movement of My Spirit in a new way which carries the "olive leaf in its beak" (see Genesis 8:10-11)!
I am in the process to bring by the sound of My ONE NEW MAN healing among the nations, saith the Lord (see Ezekiel 47:12 i.c.w. Revelation 22:2)!
The Lord reveals Himself through His sudden light that calls for a spirit-filled walk so that there is a spirit-filled composition in God's house which reveals His favor and servant-hood (see 1 Peter 2:4-5)!
The high thoughts of God manifest through the implementation by the following of His saints on earth to reveal Jesus Christ, The Anointed One, saith the spirit of the prophet (see Isaiah 6:2)!”

Amen and Amen.

In His Wisdom,

Daniel Glimm