God Still Speaks Through Dreams and Visions

Dear Believer,
We are in a season where the Lord is releasing dreams and visions as never before! As a prophet, I am excited that God is speaking clearly concerning our new season through our dreams. Did you realize that every time God gives a dream, it is actually an opportunity to shift into destiny? Yes, every dream is like a door opening into greater revelation. Question is: are we really listening when He speaks to us?
This is an updated article concerning hearing God's voice through dreams and visions. I have taken the time to update the article and add new insight, and I truly believe that this is a NOW word, as He continues to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, especially upon our children and the next generation!
We Can All Hear God's Voice!
Each of us has been equipped by God with the ability to hear His voice. The problem is so many of us don't realize He is speaking to us in our dreams. For many years we have treated our dreams as "junk mail" and tossed them aside without taking time to study and discern the dreams properly. We must begin to take our dreams more seriously.
Remember, it was through a dream that the Father spoke to Joseph (the earthly father of Jesus), and gave him specific direction to save Jesus' life! Knowing this, we should never treat our dreams as unimportant, but rather fine-tune our spiritual senses to hear His voice more accurately.
Many of my dreams actually equip me for spiritual warfare. By this, I mean that God often speaks to me in a dream concerning situations in the Body of Christ which require prayer for breakthrough. Many times the Lord exposes personal strongholds through dreams. For instance, if someone struggles with a religious spirit, it might be revealed through a dream symbolically, such as dreaming of someone who is so bent toward tradition that he/she resists the present move of His Spirit. Or, if someone struggles with a Jezebel spirit, one might have a dream of someone who is controlling and manipulating.
One of the most common dreams I hear from others are dreams that involve seductive scenes. These types of dreams are not always revealing a stronghold of sexual impurity, but rather exposure of a seducing spirit which entices us to "go back." The devil does NOT want us to possess our Promised Land! If he can seduce us into apostasy, convincing us to remain lukewarm, he will steal our destiny!
Dreams of Open Doors
We are in a fresh season of both "seeing" and "hearing." By this I mean that God is confirming His Word through what we see in dreams and visions. In this season, God is confirming that we are entering a time of "new beginnings." A few months back (right before the Jewish New Year), I heard the Lord specifically say:
"My Church is entering into a season of new beginnings. I am bringing forth many suddenlies and Kairos moments. I will catch My children up if they have lagged behind, it will be a catch-up time. They will no longer feel left out or left behind. Regardless of past mistakes, they will not be hindered in their forward progression if they will simply have faith! I will open many doors: doors of breakthrough, doors of finances, doors of opportunity and enlargement. What has been shut will now become opened."
Believers, let your faith arise! God is releasing the key of David to us again, so that we can open doors that no man can shut (Rev 3:7). Therefore, there are many Believers who have been having dreams about keys and doors; this is confirmation to the Word of the Lord that many are prophesying right now.
Let me ask you a question: are you being accountable to God concerning your dreams? Do you write down your dreams, pray over them, and ask God to reveal the interpretations? So many times God uses His night voice to speak to us. In our dreams, God will give specific direction about which doors to walk through. Yes, the enemy can open doors also, but a dream will reveal if it is one that will benefit or hinder us.
God Will By-Pass Our Minds to Speak Truth Through Dreams and Visions!
Dreams and visions are part of God's plans of restoration. Since it is our season to see, we must also understand that God opens our spiritual eyes for a reason.
Do you recall the tribe of Reuben? Reuben was one of the twelve tribes of Israel that descended from Jacob. Every tribe of Israel had an inheritance of land given to them by God. When Moses selected the twelve spies to scout-out Canaan, there was one leader from each of the twelve tribes who was to cross over into the Promised Land for an exploration. From the tribe of Reuben, a man named Shammua was selected (see Numbers 13:1-5).
Reuben was the "seer" and the "discerning tribe." This tribe was anointed by God with the ability to see as God Himself sees. Within their prophetic destiny was the ability to see the victory in the Promised Land. However, Shammua, the leader of the tribe, came back to Moses with a negative report. He was unable to fully "see" the victory and the promise of God concerning their Promised Land. Keep in mind that the name "Shammua" means "devastated and desolate." It is connected to a word that implies being "stooped over" or "bent." Shammua had a "bent toward negativity", even though his spiritual DNA had a bent toward godly destiny!
Believers, many of us are spiritually "bent" in our belief systems, especially concerning our potential to possess our future and our destiny. When we get a prophetic word concerning our Promised Land, do we believe God and begin to possess it or do we negate it due to fear or doubt?
Many of us are like the 10 spies who returned with a negative report! But God has a way to awaken us! He will by-pass our minds at night and gives us a dream that will shift us, direct us and speak into our potential!
Now, please hear me! Because at times we may not properly hear God's voice, we must be sure to be attentive to our dreams and visions. The Lord has given each of us a promise of breakthrough. This is our season of enlargement and increase. We must be open-minded concerning the various ways that God wants to speak to us – dreams and visions will prove to be a reliable source in this season!
God Wants to Reveal the Condition of Our Hearts
Do you remember Nebuchadnezzar and how God had to speak truth to him through his dreams? At first, Nebuchadnezzar would not heed the words of correction and direction given from God as Daniel interpreted the dreams. The King recognized Daniel's awesome gift and exhorted him. Daniel corrected the king telling him that it was not his own (Daniel's) wisdom which was able to interpret the dream. But the dream was given and interpreted by Daniel, so that the king would know the thoughts (condition) of his own heart.
"But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes that shall make known the interpretation to the king, and that thou mightest know the thoughts of thy heart." (Daniel 2:30)
The very same can occur in our own dreams! God may be attempting to expose hidden motives while we dream. Or maybe, God may be talking to us about our future business ventures, financial breakthroughs and blessings that will soon manifest. Whatever He is speaking, we need to be hearing!
Believer, God is always talking. Are you positioned to hear Him? Let's not treat our dreams and visions like junk-mail and toss them to the side. Let's be determined to hear and see His voice!
In Christ,
Dr. Sandie Freed
Sandie Freed Ministries