Signs from the Throne Room Are Being Released! God is Rearranging the Nations!

Rearranging the Nations! Signs from the Throne Room Are Being Released! God is Rearranging the Nations!

On Sunday morning, the Spirit of God moved powerfully. In a tongues message I heard the following:

"Many signs are coming into your midst. I will use these signs to recreate the path that you normally walk on. Look carefully! Signs are now being released from My throne room and will enter the earth realm in the next few days.

"Signs point! You will be pointed and you will be pointed again. I will direct you in the way to go. Listen and watch carefully, for I am penetrating your path.

"You will be redirected! New and fresh relationships will begin to develop in your life. I am ending some relationships and beginning others. I am redirecting the path that you are now on. I have brought you here today to decree the redirecting. The signs will come. Watch the signs for the signs will light your way."

"Now I will rearrange the order of the nations. Miracle power from Heaven will now enter into the earth realm. Like a chess match, the pieces now will begin to move and a rearrangement of national structures in the earth will now occur. I am releasing strategies from heaven. These strategies will not only change nations, but will affect your life greatly.

"You will break through! The miraculous power that you resisted in one season now will breakthrough on you in this season. As a baby breaks through in that birth process, I created and came as a Breaker on that day. I came to all the nations of the earth. I am, in this season, making a new way, and creating a new breakthrough in these nations if they will turn their ear to Me. This was for peace on the whole earth and good will to all men. So watch your breakthrough! Watch your breakthrough, for your breakthrough is now being released from the heavenly realm."

The Shift in North Korea is Major!

The above word was used to interpret a tongue that come forth on Sunday. On Monday, we all saw the news about the death of Kim Jong Il, the North Korean dictator. For years, I have watched and prayed for North Korea. I have always seen a line going from North Korea to Iran and in to Venezuela, then through Cuba and affecting the United States. I talked about this when I was in New Orleans earlier this month.

However, through the years we have seen God's seeds for revival in North Korea. In an early morning prayer meeting on October 17, 2006, Robert Heidler and I declared:

"We call forth shaking in North Korea. We call that evil that is enthroned there to be shaken down and the light of Your kingdom to shine there. We shake loose the seeds of revival that are held captive. There are seeds of revival in North Korea that have been held captive for 100 years. We say, that which is being tested down in the ground will create a shaking and an uprising and a revolution. There will be a rushing into that nation that will loose the captives of the nation."

At our Head of the Year gathering in September, I also prophesied that within four months the Koreas would change. Two Sundays ago when we sent out Holly Squier to go with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader squad into Korea, I decreed that when she set her foot on the ground in Korea that the Koreas would make their shift. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders first traveled to Japan, and then flew on to South Korea. When they landed in South Korea and got off the plane, the announcement was made about the death of Kim Jong Il.

In this volatile time of transition and uncertainty, declare that plots of darkness will be thwarted in North Korea and that every seed of revival will now begin to spring up.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries