This is A Season to Choose to Hear!

After the service on Sunday (22’nd of January 2023 | Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5783), Penny Jackson sent this prophecy:
“This is a season where people will have to choose to hear. I am speaking in many ways, but I will not force people to hear. I didn’t when I walked this earth, and I won’t now either. In fact, I even spoke in parables so that those could only really hear who listened and pursued. Many didn’t. The same is true today.

“We are entering seasons of great change. Much has already changed, and more change is to come. If you cling tightly to what you have known, to what has been, you can miss what I am doing now. Lay down what you have thought, what you have expected, what you have believed and learned, and let Me sort through. Let Me remove that which is faulty, and let Me leave that which is true. Let me add what I need to where I need to.

“Since time began, there has been war to establish My Kingdom here on earth. There has been war for My people. As the world has changed, so has the battle. Because the enemy is often hidden behind organizations and within governments and even religions now, it is not as apparent as troops arrayed on a battlefield in days of old. But make no mistake. It’s there, and it is a fierce battle against My Kingdom. And there is great darkness.

“The subtlety of this battle has allowed some to become deceived. Because they don’t see it, it’s hard to believe it. Others see it but can’t accept it. It is too overwhelming for them, too frightening. It’s such a different type of war. Still others aren’t quite sure how to fight an unseen enemy. But it is war, and as in all wars, there are and will be casualties.

“As you go forward, you will need to wait before Me in stillness like never before, completely open, ears and heart attuned to My voice and whatever I say. The battle lines have been drawn, and people must choose their side. To not choose is to choose. I have marching instructions for those with ears to hear. I have strategies, and I have words of encouragement. I have protection, and I have mercy. And I am marching with you.”
Chuck D. Pierce
GZI Ministries