Keep Balance and Now Drive Forward!

“There is the power of the time cycles of God and the time cycle of culture in your nation, in which you are placed! I am about to change your movement and lift you higher in order to reveal to you what it means to reign with Me in heavenly places, says the Lord (cf. Ephesians 2:6)!
It is as if you get on a bicycle and start riding, so that the moment you start riding you find yourself getting into a higher speed, which accelerates you in your progress!
This advancement is accompanied by the understanding about the pillars of God’s throne, which are His justice and righteousness (cf. Psalm 89:14)!
It is the time when you should decide to go forward and not to stop in order to keep the balance through justice and the righteousness of God! By doing so, the fullness of God will be revealed and the increase of His favor will increase in your life (cf. Leviticus 19:35 i.c.w. Proverbs 11:1)!
Perform righteousness and adhere to the standard and values of God’s Word without compromise!
There is supernatural longing for the presence of God that is leading you into the power of seeking so that you will find the understanding about the divine standard of righteousness!
Your decisions are about to be adjusted according to the standard of God’s Word so that your spirit man finds the truth he has been seeking (cf. Isaiah 26:9a i.c.w. Matthew 7:7)!
There, where men speak of judgment, you rejoice in the increase of righteousness in the hearts of men (cf. Isaiah 26:9b)!
There is the power of God that extends to the legs and puts the emphasis on the knees, because it is about the acceleration within the respective culture of His saints, which runs in symbiosis with the recognition of the biblical times (cf. 1 Chronicles 12:32)!
God’s appointed times lead to a greater revelatory knowledge to act sovereignly according to God's plan and will, says the spirit of the prophet!
There is the scale of positioning on one side of the scale and the scale of possession on the other side! This is the distance between north and south and between east and west (cf. Ezekiel 48:1-3ff.)!
In the midst of this distance of the four winds lies in Christ Jesus a special portal of access into the higher realms of the spirit, which carries as its foundation the importance of the family according to the standard of the Word of God and the importance of the fellowship of saints in the midst of His Ekklēsia! This is about the potential that is behind the day of Shabbat in the completion of the week and behind the day of Rosh Chodesh that heralds the new biblical month!
In the midst of the ‘East Gate’ are two days of ‘Coronation’ which are interwoven in themselves with the Lordship of Christ who is the Alpha and the Omega (cf. Ezekiel 46:1 i.c.w. John 10:9; Matthew 12:8; Revelation 22:13)!
There is the focus on ‘the last’ that is gaining importance and leads to the great surprise in order to help complete and secure (cf. Luke 13:30 i.c.w. Revelation 1:17-18)!
You will experience what it means that what was lost is found again and raised from the ground by the grace of God (cf. Luke 15:5-6)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm