The Outstretched Arms of the Ekklēsia and the Apostolic Potential

“There are the outstretched arms of the old generation in the ekklēsia, which releases MY apostolic potential for the future! This is the release into the phase of hiddenness to transport it to the place of government for the future (cf. Exodus 2:2-3)!
It is similar to the time when I created the heavens and the earth while chaos was present! I use ‘the water’ and MY ‘wind’, which unite with the power of MY sent WORD to separate the light from the darkness (cf. Genesis 1:1-5a)!
There is the protective light of MY prophetic watchfulness that will accompany through this process and confront Leviathan ‘at the river’s bank’, says the LORD (cf. Exodus 2:4)!
Do not fear the presence of the evil one who is bent on stealing, slaughtering and destroying (cf. John 10:10 i.c.w. 1 Peter 5:8)!
I will pass MY plan of redemption before their eyes without them recognizing it! It is MY ‘secret weapon’ that will confront them and bring them down, says the LORD (cf. Exodus 2:5)!
There is an increase of wickedness that equals the joining of Leviathan on one side and Nimrod on the other, because they want to strengthen their seat of government of evil! But I will confront the power of Behemoth and the power of Leviathan (cf. Job 40:15a; Job 41:1)!
I am putting a stop to their calculation! Their calculation will not work out because they have overlooked something! It is MY ‘secret weapon’, says the LORD! It passes through the realm of the company of evil without being seen by them, because I have struck them with a certain kind of blindness!
There will pass a time, and another time, that will cause My apostolic call to sound in the midst of their camp, and they will be shaken to their foundations, says the LORD (cf. Psalm 74:12-14)!
There are the outstretched arms of MY ekklēsia on the one side of time and the outstretched arms of My ekklēsia on the other side of time, because I am bringing MY apostolic power into a new dynamic! This contributes to freedom and justice, because I will separate MY people and thus separate the sheep from the goats, says the LORD (cf. Exodus 2:7-10 i.c.w. Matthew 25:32-33)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm