The Divine Catch

“There is the dynamic of the divine catch, into which you are entering and where you recognize the connection between past, present and future! Therefore, look for the shore and the sea and approach it! Because, if you move towards it, HE will come and approach you (cf. James 4:8a i.c.w. Luke 5:3)!
Do not be intimidated by religious legalism, but respond to the instruction of the Word of God!
Cast out your fishing rod! Cast out your fishing rod wide! Cast it out wide, because what you will hold in your hands will make you understand what it means to be a son of promise (cf. Matthew 17:27b i.c.w. Ecclesiastes 11:1)!
Seek the water like a fish that needs the water to live!
You are destined to carry the manifestation of God’s instruction in order to provide relief (cf. Matthew 6:20)!
There is a circumstance of ‘the pressing demand’ causing you to turn to the fellowship of the truth of God’s Word and allow the revelatory truth of His Word to become active in your life (cf. Matthew 17:24)!
This results in hearing the Word of God as it is speaking to you in order to act sovereignly and see transformation in your financial administration (cf. Matthew 17:25b-26)!
Your heart attitude is about to change from self-centeredness to Kingdom-centeredness, which will release new lines of supply for your personal life, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. Luke 12:31)!
You are responding to the instruction of the living Word of God, which results in you prioritizing the Kingdom of God by investing there first in order to recognize in your life the supply lines that are forming in new ways (cf. Matthew 17:27)!
As you act in faith based on the Word spoken to you, there is an intensification of the presence of the Spirit of God meeting you in a fresh way! This encounter brings you into the phase of spiritual renewal, so that you feel as if you have been born again and receive an expanded prophetic vision that is like a panoramic view (cf. John 3:8 i.c.w. Isaiah 40:31; Ephesians 4:23)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm