From A Heel Holder To A Warrior

“There is a clinging of things, which has caused you to get into trouble in your past, because you have been striving in a secular way to become what your counterpart carried in himself! It was your own desire to stand as the last in the position of the first that has caused you to deceive, so that you have entered a sphere that has led you into challenge and you yourself have been deceived, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. Genesis 25:25-26a)!
But there is the presence of the truth of My Word in this time, which is like the sound of many waters, so that you position yourself in the revelatory truth of My Word (cf. Revelation 1:15b i.c.w. Genesis 32:22-23)!
Your decision to position yourself with the right heart attitude in the center of My revelatory truth leads you to come into contact with the presence of My face and to hold on to it! This results in you recognizing your identity in Me and stepping from ‘holding on’ into the dimension of a ‘warrior’ who is taking the promise (cf. Genesis 32:27-28)!
I am connecting the experience from your past with that of your present and lead you sovereignly into your predetermined future by Me, says the LORD (cf. Genesis 32:25-26)! I will also connect your childlike faith with your present developed spiritual maturity, so that you are enveloped by the light of My countenance! It is the light in the form of My love that leads you into the presence of the first in order to walk in the restored order (cf. Genesis 32:30 i.c.w. with Malachi 1:2)!
There is the increase of My angels sent out from My throne with strategy, coming into your presence so that you can receive the strategy and apply it to make peace among the ‘brethren’, says the LORD (cf. Genesis 32:1-4.13-20)!
I release My anointing and My dew that touches the ‘brothers of peace’ personally as well as their environment (cf. Psalm 133)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm