The Bride of Christ in Estonia - God's Green Gemstone

Intro from Kathie Walters:

When I was recently in Germany doing a conference (and having a lots of fun with my wonderful friends at the Holy Pace, Berlin) I met a someone who and had come from Estonia to the conference. As she was speaking with me about Estonia the soles of my feet felt like they were on fire. I thought " Oh, oh here we go again." I felt excited about Estonia although to be honest I didn't know a whole lot about that little nation, except that it WAS a little nation. But I felt excited as I felt this little, almost hidden nation was going to be a key for many other nations.

I saw a hand held out and in the palm of the hand was a green stone.


The color of "go". Green was considered in ancient times to be the color of the prophet and indicative of divine activity. It is linked to wealth and prosperity, as well as spiritual well being and prophetic operation. Also refer to emerald green.


A green gemstone that prophetically symbolizes royalty, eternity, and bespoke prosperity in nearly every area of human existence. Exodus 28,1; Ezekiel 28,13; Revelation 21,19

Emerald green:

A color from the stone after its name. It symbolizes Christian faith and the Godhead.

Estonia is a jewel in God's hand.

The old ancient spirits don't want to release their hold.

The extravagance of God is contained in the river and in the river bed I saw gold coins - your prosperity is in the river. Then I saw all kinds of gems. Your health and healing and well being, and power and anointing and release of your calling individually and nationally, is in the river. You will not find it outside the river. The manifestation of the Fathers heart is found in the river of God, the love and great revelation of the grace of the Almighty Father through His precious Son is found in this river for it comes from the throne.

I saw the honey angel (the Angel of revelation) stay close to me while I was in Estonia. He bought the honey and I saw the angel with the dark red wine come to Estonia. The joy of the Lord will return to this land. Bind the spirit of abortion that will try once again to abort the move of God and build a religious dam to stop and the flow. Rise up church and declare the goodness of God. "Declare to the evil winds " No, not this time, you will not stop the move of God, you will not prevent the river, you will not abort the joy and power of the Most High God in Heaven." This time the ties of this river will not ebb - they will increase and increase across Estonia and out to other nations. It will bring a strength and a refreshing. From Estonia people will be released and take the enjoyment and refreshing of this river not just to Europe, but to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, America, Africa etc.

But the river of God will flow. The Lord is stirring up a hunger among the people of God-"More of You God." The river's flow will increase in strength and movement. Command the old religious strongholds that have manifested in various forms, to take their hands off the river of God. Jump in to the river, what have you to lose? Calling is calling you to have a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God.

Kathie Walters

Prophetic word for Estonia from Pastor Daniel Glimm
(The Holy Place, Berlin Germany)<mail=dan></mail=dan>

Estonia, you are in the time to let go the old wine, to receive my new wine.

An earthquake is taking place in the spirit over you and you will arise in a new strength for my son Jesus Christ.

Your fields will be new fields without thorns. I have heard the cry of my church in Estonia and I am answering you says the Lord!

Estonia, a plate is moving in the spirit!

"Your youth will play a large and enormous role in this. Estonia, my nation full of boldness!"

Estonia is right now in a spiritual transition time and it is very important for her to watch out for the move of the Holy Spirit, which is going on.

The Lord revealed, that He will use the Islands of Estonia (Hiumaa and Saaremaa) as His drums to release a prophetic warfare sound into the country.

The Lord determined the Islands as His light tower to give spiritual orientation. There is a strong prophetic anointing on the Islands of Estonia.

As God restores the move of the Spirit Estonia will use her gifts in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and that she works closely with Him. The enemy wants to bring competitive behavior in the pot of the Bride in Estonia to bring her death. Selfish ideas destroy the fullness of the Holy Spirit (see 2. Kings 4, 38-41 = death in the pot through wild vine).
Estonia, don't compare your calling and anointing with another place or nation- your calling is precious and unique. The LORD is sending His prophetic servants to help and encourage the nation to live in the freedom of the Spirit.
A spiritual revolution is about to take place in Tallinn/Estonia, and this will have an effect on other European nations.

Prophetic worship (2.Kings 3,15-16) and the prophetic anointing

Estonia is stepping into a new and fresh spiritual time of release.

In this new time frame the witness of Jesus is one of the main flows, which the Holy Spirit wants to release in Estonia (see Revelation 19,10).

Holy Spirit watchmen - pay attention to God's timing and announce it to the people of God.
Be careful to tend the field and allow an open place for the prophetic free from the weeds of religion and past controls.

God wants to reign and influence Estonia with His grace

This is not the time to build your own "church palace". Let go of your own agenda and allow God to establish His agenda and plan. His plan is marvelous.

Protect the anointing!

The strong should not kill the weak. It is time, that Cain honors Abel (see Genesis 4,2)!
Even if the spiritual movement was aborted time and time again by the enemy, it shall not be hindered any longer. The LORD has rung in his powerful time for Estonia, and Tallinn is a key for liberation.

A witness of an 8 year old Estonian boy

During the time of an Christian internet broadcasting in the Summer of 2007 an 8 year old boy, son of a pastor, who was watching with his mom this Christian transmission began to prophesy (note: from the Estonian island Saaremaa).

Here is what he said:

"The revival has already started and is moving. There is no way to stop the revival. Mom, yet I know, what revival means. It means, that I am not sleepy anymore but be constant to hear, what God is speaking."

A call to other nations in Europe

On one night during a time frame, where I was staying in Estonia, the Lord spoke to me to get up out of the bed. As I went on my knees and started to pray, I saw Estonia like a mouth and I heard the voice of the Lord:

"I use this little nation as my mouth to release a mighty sound."

A place of protection for the Jews out of Russia

I saw also, that the Lord will use Estonia in the future time as a transition field for the Jews, who are coming out of Russia to go to Israel.

Walk in your calling as Estonia!

Be open Estonia to receive the anointing and input from other nations. We need to honor the anointing, which God has given to each nation, and we should not "chase it down" neither "chase it away".

The Holy Spirit as He is allowed to flow, will take the Bride of Christ in Estonia into a higher level of revelation and power.

Amen and Amen.

Daniel Glimm