Germany, I've heard your prayers

Apology to Germany

I really have to apologize to you because I've had a bad attitude about coming to Germany. I was still very upset about the wars that have happened. My grandfather came over here and fought, my father fought and I had to repent because I really didn't want to come to Germany.

But, now that I'm here and met your people, I'm so glad that I came and I'm so sorry that I had these attitudes that were against things that had happened in the past. The young people that have come forward are so different that what I expected. They are hungry for God.

The Lord showed me an illustration of when my own children were younger. When they'd misbehave I'd put them in the corner and then when the punishment was over I would let them out of the corner and everything would go back to normal.

And God said to me, "I put Germany in the corner for over 60 years and I'm about to let her out. The punishment time is over for what has happened. There was a decree, there was a time of punishment, but I'm letting the kid out of the corner. You can either accept it or reject it, but I'm going to pour my Spirit out on the German nation and I'm going to bring these people to me and I'm going to show them my love now."


I've heard your prayers. I've heard you. You've cried out to me. I've heard your prayers for your nation. I'm about to flood this nation with men from around the world. They are coming to this nation. And I'm not bringing second class ministers. I'm bringing the best of the best to Germany and I'm going to cause them to invest their lives in your land.

I'm going to raise up for myself a people out of Germany that are going to praise my name. They are going to take my glory to the nations. It is a new day in Germany. The spirit of God is breaking upon this nation and I am going to raise up men and women unto myself and I am going to vindicate the investment that I've made in Germany.

Before this is over, the flag of Germany is going to fly high among the nations in honor and respect. They are going to be known for their evangelists in the world and I am going to make them a blessing to the nations.

Kassel, Kassel - from you will come a sound wave and soon the whole nation will begin shaking by the power and waves of the Holy Spirit.

Oh little town on Paderborn - out of you will come a move that will touch the world. An artisan well will come out of the springs of Paderborn that will spread across the globe and touch this planet.

Don Franklin