Don't Wait for Church - You are the Church!

I still hear comments such as, "We have invited them to church several times, but they will not come" or "If we can just get them to church, then the Lord will touch them, and they will get saved."

The gathering of the saints should be the gathering of the saints, and yes, we should welcome unbelievers to our gatherings, but better yet, lead them to Jesus first, then bring them to the gathering for equipping.

You Are The Temple

When we realize that we are the house of God, then God is everywhere we are. He is just as powerful in me, whether I am on a mountain top, by the sea, in a Mosque, or in an organized church meeting. There is no question there is magnified power and presence in Christ when two, three, or 30 gather in His name, but His power resides in you through the Holy Spirit--all the time. The Holy Spirit in God's people often has been dormant outside of Sunday, and outside of church meetings for much of Christian history. The Kingdom of God wants so much to impact every aspect of our lives: every day, every minute, every breath, every step, every territory, every person, and every system we engage with.

We need to have the mind of Christ, living out the life of Christ through us. Wherever Jesus walked, ministry happened. Whatever Jesus did, there was ministry. Whomever Jesus met, there was ministry. Whomever He touched, there was ministry. When He walked into the building, there was ministry, and when He walked out of the building, there was ministry. When He prayed, it was ministry; when He played, it was ministry. When He worshiped, it was ministry; when He loved unconditionally, it was ministry. His life was ministry from the time He woke, until the day was done, and so, likewise should our life be.

Expect God Moments Right Where You Are

A transformed Kingdom personality now is not bound by systems, because they are not of the system. They may be in a system, which takes the form of church organizations, families, corporations, governments, culture, etc. However, they are not only in the system, but of His Kingdom. Life or death, success or failure, take on whole new meanings in those that are consumed with Christ, impassioned, and empowered for His Kingdom glory.

When a business man or woman are "Kingdomized," they get up each day excited for what the Lord will have for them that day. They begin to walk and flow in His "now" presence all day long. They begin to hear what the Father hears. They begin to see what the Father sees, regardless of what they hear and see in the natural. When they go into a meeting, they expect His presence to break down walls while bringing divine insight. When they walk into a potential business deal, they expect divine favor. When they encounter hostility, they realize that this person is hurting and needs a healing word spoken--but mostly needs love.

When they drive through their neighborhood, they pray for their neighbors and ask the Lord for His desire and love to reach them. God begins to open opportunities to touch those around them. They desire relationship.

Go Therefore And Love

Our life is about loving God and loving others in everyday life--in your home, in your business, and in your corporate gatherings. Don't just wait for the corporate times to impact lives. You are a ready instrument now if the Holy Spirit is within you. He is always ready to impart His love and mercy through you. Be ready, be willing, and be obedient to deliver His love and His touch wherever you go. Speak from your heart, live the Gospel of love, and be the Gospel to the world. It must be authentic, and it must be birthed from His love.

The Kingdom of God is relational--supernaturally relational. So watch for the people the Lord joins you with. Most conversions come from relationships. Don't just invite them to church for ministry--you are also the ministry.

First love them, be real, and watch love lead them to knowing who you know. Once Jesus has set them free, you can invite them to the gathering, training, and corporate worship centers to grow and relate with others. They will become part of your Kingdom family and now have the opportunity to extend the Kingdom way to their people.

His presence is within you wanting to impact every jurisdiction. Watch the gates of resistance come crashing down as you bring His presence and your faith to combustible kingdom influence. Expect revelation, expect impartation, and expect miracles whenever you show up. Vision and dreams will become regular realities of Kingdom life, and what was once possible, now becomes probable, all to the glory of our King.

What a glorious Kingdom, what a glorious God!

Robert Ricciardelli
Vision Advancement Strategies