Arise and Shine Estonia!

This is a prophetic word for the islands in Estonia and the whole nation.

The lighthouse

During a lunch time in my home some days ago I heard a message in the news about a significant situation with a lighthouse, which is standing on the Kap Kiipsaare (Saaremaa) since 1933. This lighthouse stood over years in a crooked position, because of the different weather patterns. The news reported that the lighthouse was pushed back by the water again into the right initial position, so that the lighthouse is standing straight.

Estonia is standing at a strategic point in Christian history

I can see, that Estonia is at a strategic point in Christian history and it is standing at a crossroad.
Right now it is very important, that the body of Christ has to hear the voice of the prophets.

They give a guidance in the transition time of the church. I see a high prophetic calling on Estonia and this is the reason why I have to share the heart of God with you.

We have to recognize, that the Lord is bringing the seers to Estonia and this has one reason. He is on the way to equip Estonia with a mighty prophetic mantle.

Kathie Walters wrote in her last prophetic word "Estonia - God`s green gemstone", that the gold is in the water (note: river).
Like this lighthouse is surrounded by water and is standing in the middle of the water I can see, that there is holy gold in the water (Revelation 3,18)! It is the spirit of prophecy!

You have not only to search in the natural water but also in the spiritual water of the Father!

The speaking of God through the lighthouse situation

As I heard this news about the lighthouse, I could hear the Lord saying:

"My people I am on the way to establish the prophetic ministry in Estonia! Islands hear the word of the Lord!
I released my prophetic waves in the past to establish in you a prophetic voice and a prophetic light! Once more again you have to prophesy! Let prophetic houses arise! Let prophetic schools arise! Let the prophetic worshippers arise! Estonia, it is time to arise in the light of prophecy! It is time to arise in the center of the testimony of Jesus! Prophesy! Islands build a platform for the prophets! Let the light of orientation shine into the nation! Let it be a prophetic high light! Come back to your prophetic roots, says the Spirit of God."

Amen and Amen.

Daniel Glimm