New Anointing for a New Assignment!

Dear Overcoming Saints,

The Lord says:

"A surprise anointing is coming. I am coming to anoint you in your present field but the anointing is for something I will send you into. Once I anoint you, you will see the structure and the ruling force and the distressing spirit that is waiting to stop you. This distressing spirit is resisting your next level of promotion. You must have the sound that will cause this spirit to retreat. You have gotten used to operating in one anointing but I will surprise you with a new anointing! You must wait for this new anointing. You must pause and wait for this new anointing.

"Today is the day for your salvation to mature. You've been working in one field and I am coming to surprise you in that field with an anointing. However, the anointing is not for the field you are presently laboring in. This is a time of rearranging assignments. I will find you in your present field and anoint you for the place I have for you. Once you receive the anointing, you will also see the distressing spirit that will hinder your progress. I will allow a foreseeing. (Thank Him right now that once the anointing comes, you will foresee the enemy structure that you will contend with.) Many are contending without the anointing. I will find you in the field and surprise you with the anointing, and then you will foresee the war ahead.

"You are attempting to go up against an enemy with an anointing that you have already received instead of waiting for the anointing I am bringing and letting Me show you the enemy that you will be contending with. I must set the course today through the anointing of how you will pray. I must set the course today through the anointing. This will determine how you will pray and stand in the days ahead. Lay down the way you have been praying and wait for your target.

"Let Me redefine your burden. This is not the burden you would choose. I will wash away the anxiety of your last burden and redefine your burden. You have gotten off target in your assignment. You have been so determined to stay spiritually focused in the way that you are going that you are missing My assignment. I am giving new assignments and giving new burdens and raising up new intercessory calls. This will stop some of the warfare that you are experiencing. This is a time when you must listen and must quickly enter into your pause (Selah). If not, you will be determined to correct when I am not correcting. You will misrepresent Me in the moment. I must have a people who represent Me in the moment, for moments are getting shorter. I must have a people who represent Me in the moment.

"I want to overthrow the POVERTY SPIRIT that you have contended with in the past season, but you keep contending the same way you have always contended. The way you are contending is not against the distressing spirit that is holding you captive. Only the anointing can reveal the spirit. Only the anointing can change your perception. Only the anointing can cause you to see the way I would have you see. I must give you the anointing!

"That is why I chose David out in the field. He knew nothing about the spirit he would be contending with. Therefore, I anointed him and then sent him on the battle field. He knew nothing about the battlefield. He just knew when he heard the enemy speak. I am getting you to a place where you can hear when the enemy speaks, and that is what I would have you go up against - what the enemy is saying and how the enemy is portraying himself. These are key moments, and the moments are shorter than normal for the victory you must attain.

"I am not asking you to address this enemy first with words. Rather, I have a sound you first must receive. This sound will go before you. The sound will come from the anointing and will cause the enemy to back off. This will give you a reprieve in your warfare. You are not defeating the enemy yet, but the enemy will back off to give you a reprieve to gain your authority. This is a time of reprieve for authority development. This is a time of new authority. I am raising you up. New assignments are coming. It will be as if you have just been called from the field, like David. I am not just calling the young for the new assignments. I am calling those that will enter in and operate the way I operate. First hear the sound that is confronting the enemy.

"If you use words (rather than sound) in the beginning, the enemy of the last structure will grab hold of you. I am setting the course for a new structure upon you. I'm calling you out and developing a new sound within you. I'm causing you to hear the sound. Allow the sound to mix with your anointing, and then I will send you forth to confront the word that the enemy is speaking."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries