Be Still And Know ...

Many Voices

We live in a day and age where there is tremendous activity all around us.

We are admonished in God’s word to “Be still, and know that I am God (Ps 46:10).” There are so many voices speaking today. Sometimes it is a blessing because we can receive multiple opinions and hear “words” regarding everything from politics to sporting events. If that is not enough we can go to prophetic websites where we are sure to find the exact word that we need to lift and encourage us.

This is not bad; it is a blessing of God and a good utilization of end-time technology. But if we do not take individual time to hear from God directly then all the “words” that come from other voices will only serve to make a person guess as to what is really going on.

Your Personal Relationship with the Lord

There will never be any substitute for individual prayer time. You cannot live off of someone else’s “word”.
Some Christians seem to always want someone else to do the work for them. They spend all of their time visiting ministry websites to read the latest “word” that is posted. When taken to the extreme this can only bring confusion and be spiritually detrimental. Often believers can reduce prophetic utterances to a level of tose tantalizing horoscopes found in cheap tabloids. I’ve discovered most who do this have very little prayer life, for they are too busy reading countless prophecies and forwarding them by email to everyone under the sun.

An Example of Confusion

For instance, you read a prophetic word that says America is going to recover financially and be blessed by God. Then, later in the day you read a different prophetic word from someone else that tells you impending disaster is coming upon America, and that the financial system is going to completely collapse. Now, you are confused and not sure what to think. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Actually, who really cares? Jesus himself said; “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble (Matt. 6:34).”

The Healthy Break

I think for the sake of emotional health (and even physical) that many of God’s people should take a little break from engulfing every prophetic word that happens to show up on their email. Trust me, if you go a week or longer of doing this you will discover that the earth will still rotate and the sun will still come up in the morning. You say, “But Brother Steven I need to be informed. What should I do?”

The Psalm 46 and God`s Rest

I would encourage you to do Psalm 46:10 – Be still, and know that I am God.
Despite who is President, who is Prime Minister, or the looming threat of a nuclear meltdown, God is in control. When you get still in your spirit you will know that “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh (Ps 2:4).” God is not nervous. He has a plan and that plan includes your safety, protection, promotion,
and blessing. When you are quiet in the place of prayer, and you know the heartbeat of God – it is then that you will receive a quickening from only those specific prophetic words that are meant for you to receive. You do not need dozens upon dozens of “words”.

The Five Smooth Stones

David went out against Goliath with only fixe smooth stones. The Lord will send to you those smooth stones necessary for your edification and success.
One of the key reasons we are seeing such a diversity of conflicting “words” is that many voices are only parroting what other voices are saying.

Do Your Homework.

Many are not doing their own homework; they are copying from others, who may also be misguided. It is imperative that we go to God to receive His directions, and not put out responsibility over on someone else.


Prophesy is a supernatural utterance inspired by the Spirit of God. It is supernatural. It is not analytical, or a mental assessment from having watched unending hours of news on tue television. Often God will prophetically speak exactly opposite of what a situation may appear to be in the natural.
Some people are prophesying out of their minds. This is not true biblical prophecy. The biblical gift
of prophecy is supernatural. Biblical prophecy will also lift you and not put you in bondage or fear.

The Testimony

We recently had a New Year’s Eve Conference which was hosted by my ministry here in Wilkesboro, NC.
I was a speaker, along with Wade Taylor. Several days before the conference I was in prayer, asking tue Lord about the coming year of 2009. Yes, I heard many “words” from other good ministers about tue coming year, but I wanted to know from the Lord personally what He had to say about the year 2009.

The Year 2009

As I was in my office, the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and said,

“Take a notepad and write. The year 2009 will be a year of Double Blessing. It will be a year of Restoration.”

Those words blessed my heart because I knew the Holy Spirit had spoken to me, although I had not heard any other ministers say that. On the night of our New Year’s Eve Service, Brother Wade Taylor spoke first.

We had not communicated at all about the message, nur talked at all about what we would share. As he stood up to speak the first thing he said was, “The year of 2009 is February, 2009 the year of the Double Portion.” Well, I wanted to jump out of my seat and run around the room when I heard that. Brother Wade went on to say, “2009 is also the year of increase by multiplication, not by addition. Three multiplied by three is nine.”
Later I shared with the audience as well about the Double Blessing. Since then I’ve heard of another minister who received the same identical message by revelation. That’s three witnesses.

It’s important to get quiet before the Lord. He is speaking so clearly to those who will wait to hear His voice. God is not a God of confusion. The Lord wants to send a double blessing to you. Rest in Him, seek His face, and trust Him with all your heart. He will visit you and bless you with His very best!

Double Blessings,

Steven Brooks
Steven Brooks International