Get Positioned for Your Future! I Am Ticking in Your Midst!

Dear Friends,

Paul Wilbur was such a blessing as he led us in celebration on Saturday night for our Firstfruits Gathering. On Sunday morning Chris Hayward, the President of Cleansing Streams, gave a powerful teaching on "Life in the Vine."

The Spirit of God was strong that morning and began to declare:

"I am ticking in your midst. Many are confused as to whether they are at the beginning or the ending. But I say you are in the moment, and in 'the moment' you can end and begin! Be 'in the moment.' This is the time that if you will listen to My ticking, the ticking that is linked with your heart's desire, you will know how to end and you will know how to begin. I AM beginning a new administration in your life (12 means new administration). I AM beginning a new administration in your life. From this new administration you must know how to begin and how to quickly come to an end. If you will allow your heart to tick with My time, I will set your feet in a new order this day. For some of you are out of time and some of you are determining your own time. Get in My moment and My time and I will add to you, take from you what is not necessary, and create how you will walk in the future. Let Me minister to you NOW, so you can be added to in the days ahead! I am bringing you face to face in this hour, and you will become time for Me in the earth. You will be as the clock that times My breakthrough. Come face to face and you will become time in the earth and determine My breakthroughs.

"I have a Kingdom clock, and My people will reflect a Kingdom time. You will align to reflect My time, and in the midst of it the world will begin to change. Did I not say, 'I Am El Olam, the God of time and space?' I call from My Kingdom place, Kingdom time. I can make it go back, I can make I go forward. But you are My clock, set in the earth today for El Olam to be exposed, for the earth to see who I AM. So as you come face to face with Me today, know that I Am El Olam who is setting you as a clock to notify the earth of My coming and My return.

"Just like Joshua came up over the clocks on the earth to tap into the clock of Kingdom, and Elijah came up over the weather patterns of the earth to tap into the times and the seasons of the heavens, this is a people that I am calling to come up higher. You will come up over as the heart of My clock -- not the
mechanical workings -- but as My Heart." (released through Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, and Anne Tate)

LeAnn Squier sang a NEW SONG:

I will become your momentum. I hold your times and seasons in My hands. I AM the Harvest, I AM the Reaper, I AM the Sower, I AM the Winter, I AM the Summer, I AM the Spring, I AM the Fullness of Times. Turn your face to Me and I will set you in the right time. Turn your face, turn your face, turn your face to Me and I will tick, tick, tick, your times and seasons as they should be.

We were then exhorted to get in time with the movement of those who were leading us and to become the clock, and to let Him reset our movement. The Lord began to say,
"I am reversing what has been set against you. Declare the reversal is happening! You are becoming a corporate clock to the world. There is an anointing here for change. And some of you are saying, 'I'm not in step, I'm not in time.' But I say you are making it all about you. It's not about you -- it's about Me! You will change! There is a time when you will move into power that You have not known before. There is an anointing today to drop off the things that have held you back. If you have said, 'I'm not the one, I can't do that, I don't know how to do that," then REPENT! This is the day for change - in time."
(Marty Cassady)

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries