I have entered Estonia!

Prophesied of the 03`rd of June 2011, Najoth Berlin- Spandau

"My Bride, I have come to you with the breath of My Spirit to lift you up to a higher level of authority!
It is about the bridal heart (first love) with the maturity of a wife (knowing of the Bridegroom/ husband)!
Now is the season, in that I give My bridal warriors a voice and people will start to stop in going their way and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches!
Keep attention on the winds, that will come! These are My angelic hosts, that I have assigned to you for help! Don`t fear the evil forces that try to enter in! My Bride stand in your lifted position and prophesy My words! This will stop the evil forces, so that they will flee!
I have entered Estonia over the shore by the sign of the cloud to tell My people, that the time of the promise of Abraham has come, says the Spirit of the Lord!
This is the season of stairs, where you come up with praise and I come down!
The time of the fulfilling of My promises to you has come, says the Lord! I call you now to lift up your head and see Me coming and moving in supernatural ways!
There are believers who were running behind the trees to hide but I am coming to them with the revelatory steps of My promise to pull them away from the trees, so that they will leave the environment of shame and stand in boldness with Me as the LION OF JUDAH, says the Lord!"

Amen and Amen.

In His Cloud,

Daniel Glimm