Code Breaker Prophetic Alert May 2011

Prophetic Alert May 2, 2011:

If there's a judgment to come, it will be spoken. I spoke about Katrina and it was very clear, and so did other prophets speak about that very thing that happened. But at this point in time, God is standing up for this nation. We have seen the prayers of President Bush come to pass. He prayed and fought for the capture of Bin Laden and the ultimate victory of the USA has happened.

As I wrote you all, we honor and thank the armed forces for their bravery and for their ultimate victory in destroying the influence and destructive power of Al Qaeda. You are our heroes and we thank you and we salute you.

Al Qaeda and Terrorist Groups

Now, getting to Al Qaeda, this is the end of a season and era for them. We're going to show you prophetic words that were recorded and given about the "year after" – after what is happening in the Middle East right now. The next one is Gaddafi, we know that. This is going to unsettle Al Qaeda and many terrorist groups, as you're going to see in the word that I gave to President Bush in 2004 which I could not make public then, but I can today because he has been captured and killed.

Now, I am allowed to do this; I am at liberty to do this. I have witnesses that were there when I sent this word and wrote it out. We have it dated and we have it on record. The reason I'm saying that is because now something very unusual is going to happen in the dismantling of many of these terrorist groups. You're going to see in this word, I prophesied that the place that he's caught at will have so much information, intelligence for the United States of America and other countries that have fought this, that this will literally lead to the end of and the destruction of the present terrorist groups.

A Mass Evangelism

Middle Eastern youth are rising, as are women, and the changing of the guard is imminent. America is about to be united as never before. God is showing His magnificence and God wants to unite this nation and He will.

If you think God is not interested in reaching the whole world, you're wrong. If you think this is the end and God's just going to leave it like this, no! There is a revival and a move of God that is going to cover the earth. And the youth of the Middle East and even Israel, and the United States of America and many other western nations will have this sound that will come, that will reach into the hearts of many. 

A mass evangelism is going to take place. Churches on streets in the nation; house churches, if you wish, on the streets of America. Dancing in the streets – all kinds of sounds. What I've seen is massive. If you would just see what I see today; it is so powerful.

If you think the Spirit of the Lord has brought us to a place where we have nothing left, you're wrong, for the Spirit of God says,
"I want you to feel what the Spirit of God is feeling right now – an expectation of the people, the raising up of Davids and Daniels and Esthers. A sound is going to come before Me," says the Lord, "that is going to be pleasing to Me – so pleasing that I will have an invitation from this generation to come and to dwell amongst them. I will have an invitation that will come though music and through art and they will rise up and say, ''We cannot hear from Allah. There is no sound; we cannot hear from any other religious gods.' Yeshua will be shouted out."

God said,
"My plan is for My glory and the knowledge of My glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea; to touch every home, to go into lives and to set mankind free. This was My original intention; it has not changed. In fact, because of the destruction of this one figure," God says, "there will be major terrorist groups that will fall. They will fall and many will rise up and say, 'Where are they, where are they?'"

And God said, "I will rise up strong; I will rise up through leaders and I will reach out and I will minister to them and they shall shout out, 'Yeshua, Yeshua!'" God says, "Prepare yourself for this, for this day that is upon you is a grand day. This day that is upon you is a magnificent day," God says, "Open your eyes and see it, for it surely is coming to pass in your lifetime," says the Lord.

Kim Clement
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