Israel, I`ve always protected you!

From The Sea of Galilee, Israel
February 8, 2011 - The Sea of Galilee, Israel

God says, “In times past when Israel was forsaken, did I not bring forth a resource, or make things happen for them?  I have always protected Israel.  (Looking over the city)  I’ve always protected you, I’ve always taken care of you; I’ve always looked after you.  I’ve always made a way for you.  Do you think I won’t now?  I’ve already found a resource for you.  I’ve already made a way for you,” says the Lord.  “I’ve made a way for you, Israel, so that you will not need Egypt.  You will not need them.  There is a resource; there are resources in the ground.  I will protect you.”

“But they shall say, ‘What has happened to Egypt and what has happened to the United States?’”  And the Spirit of the Lord says, “Even as I protected them at that time with supernatural miracles, I will make a miracle take place.  I will cause a miracle to take place on your shores.  I will make a miracle take place and cause you once again to be seen as the light of the world.  You will be seen, Israel.  You will be seen as a mighty, mighty nation,
says the Lord.

“And listen, they shall say, ‘What shall we do now?’ for another shall be raised up.  And they shall say, ‘What is happening in Egypt?’  Then he shall be on for a while, and then another one shall be raised up again.  And they shall say, ‘Look, he has gone down as well – maybe we need the old president; maybe we need what we lost.  What are we going to do now?’” The Spirit of the Lord says, “I will make a way for you in the wilderness as I did before. They shall say, ‘Egypt is gone, what has happened?  One has been toppled; another one has toppled.  What do we do now?  Mubarak, come back.’”

But God said, “It shall not be like that, for I shall do a very, very unusual thing,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “that people shall not know what to say about it.  They shall look around and they shall say, ‘Where do we go?’  And Israel, I will raise you up and I will cause light to come from you, and a resource where – they shall say, look, they do not need, they do not need Egypt, they do not need the surrounding nations. That is the promise that I have for you,” says the Lord.  “Therefore, do not fear; I am with you.”

Kim Clement
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