Be Whole and Go Beyond Your Fear!

Prophesied on the 21`st of October 2012

"For did I not say come up here and I will show you those things that must be. There are some things that must be. You must be healed, you must be whole, you must come into who I created you to be. I say there are some things that must be. And I say they must be in this now season - not some day in the future. I say come up here. Do not look from the perspective where you have looked before. But if you will come up here I will show you not who you have been but who you will be in Me. I say come up here. I say take hold of you who I created to be -- not what the world has called you, not what you're emotions have called you. I say come up here and let Me show you from My perspective. For I say these are not things that should be or could be, but I say these are things that must be for this new season.

And the Lord would say to you this day truly you have traded the threshing room floor for the wine press, but this is not what I designed it for. Yes, the giants are big but I am bigger. Today is the day to let go of your fears that I may bring you into your identity and lift you up out of what you have designed by your hands that I may redesign it by Mine. Yes, before you is a great giant but I AM a Great God I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM!! So look and blow with Me the wind of My desires because I am bringing you out of this to set you with that. Listen, My beloved, if you will come to Me, if you will only come to Me I will contend with your enemy's this very moment in My Holy Name."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries