Being Fully Persuaded - Walk Out the Word of the Lord

As most of us already know the Church is in a great season of transition, which means it is individually as well as corporately, nationally and globally.

Last month I released a word that the year 5774 was a year of "OPEN DOORS & LADDERS" and that as we transition out of the last season, we must tie up loose ends so as to not bring the problems of the old into the new season. I received an overwhelming response from people globally thanking me for that word.

Being Fully Persuaded

"Being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised." Romans 4:21

This is an exciting time for many as change always brings new opportunities and a fresh disposition in God to find refreshing from the Lord. But you must set your face like flint and be fully persuaded in your decision. You need to understand that as you are moving into the place of the new, not all will share your new found happiness and joy and that some might even try to oppose or even stop you if they can!

As we are serving the Lord in our jobs, ministries and life, others learn to depend on us for the jobs that we do and rightfully so. They've learned to depend on us and become comfortable that we work above and beyond their expectations, so, in effect, to bless them and their businesses and ministries.
When the time comes for a change many find it hard to believe that it is the will of the Lord for you and call it "not God" simply because they are losing a key component to their success and blessing. It's at this point that some will try to persuade you to rethink or abandon your plan of action. But I say to you: BE FULLY PERSUADED and HOLD THE COURSE – for the Lord is calling you up and out to a new place where He can bless you greatly!

Remember Jacob and Laban

In Genesis chapter 31, Laban caught up with Jacob as he had left in the middle of the night according to the word of the Lord to leave Syria. Jacob had been under Laban's hand for fourteen years and everything that Jacob did for him was tremendously blessed.

When Laban was told that Jacob had fled in the middle of the night, he became enraged, for Jacob had left with his two daughters and grandchildren, along with camels, donkeys, sheep and goats, and men and women servants that he obtained under Laban's hand. Laban caught up with Jacob intending to do him harm and bring him back to Syria, but Laban was warned by the Angel of the Lord to not touch a hair on his head because Jacob was His inheritance. So instead, Laban blessed Jacob and released him into his destiny.

Vulnerability in Transition

Throughout Scripture we can see the most vulnerable place for God's people has always been in a season of transition – moving from one place to another.
Pharaoh changed his mind in setting the Hebrews free from Egypt and pursued Moses in the wilderness to take them back to the mud pits of Egypt when they were at their most vulnerable marching in the wilderness (Exodus 14).

The Amalekites tried to overtake the Hebrews in the wilderness and destroy them as they were on their way to Mt. Sinai to worship the Lord. Joshua and Hur had to hold Moses' arms up until Amalek was destroyed and retreated into the wilderness (Exodus 17).

As newly anointed King David was transitioning into the promise that he would rule all of Jerusalem, Hebron and Judah, he found himself hiding in caves and caverns. Javelins were hurled at him from the hand of Saul and eventually being hunted like a dog throughout Israel because of the anointing and favor that was upon him in the season of great transition (1 Samuel 16-31).

Walk Out the Word of the Lord

Just because we receive a word about transition doesn't mean it's going to be easy. We have to walk it out. The enemy of your soul does not want you to make this journey and get to the next level in God. But I can assure you that all of Heaven is available to you as you begin to make your journey in God. The Lord will send His Psalm 34 "Angel of the Lord" that is around those that fear Him.

Despite what it might look like in the natural, obey the word of the Lord and get to the place where the Lord is calling you. When you do, your enemies will become spectators as they will only be able to watch as the Lord pours out blessing and favor upon you for His delight is with you (Psalm 91).

Jeff Jansen, Senior Leader
Global Fire Church & Global Connect
Global Fire Ministries International