A Fire is Moving

Prophecy given on: October 29, 2013 in Corinth, TX by Anne Tate, Acijam Oxtoa, Lisa Lyons, Marty Cassidy, Allen Faubion

Let me tell you something, there’s something about the fire of God that’s coming under attack right now. There are people out there who are wanting to say that the fire of God is something that you can control. But I’m telling you when the fire of God burns it is the strangest of all fires because it burns at the oddest times, in the oddest ways. And it burns in a way that cannot be contained; it cannot be controlled by the hands of men.  Now listen that’s what God wants to do in each one of us right now he wants to burn in us.

But we say Lord we don’t know how that’s going to happen.  He’s says I don’t care if you don’t know because He says now is the time for My Fire to burn.  Don’t be afraid of the strange character of His Fire. Don’t let anyone lie to you and say its strange fire because I’m telling you says the Lord My Fire is the strangest and the most powerful of all!

And something is happening in this atmosphere it is changing. There’s a release of the angelic. And they did not come today to sing with us they came to loose the Holy Fire from the Altar of God.  And if you reach up the Lord says, I will loose a fire, I will loose a fire on you.  I will release a fire in your belly and He says reach up, feel the fire, feel the burn!

I heard the Lord say firestorm!  Now a firestorm is a blaze that is so big it creates its own wind patterns.  And the Lord says the fire that I Am sending, the fire from My Altar that is burning in My People is of such a thing that it is creating its own weather patterns.  It is creating the Winds of Heaven and there is no weather system in the earth, there is nothing in the hand of man that can change it or alter it or stop it!

For in this Fire there this a great change and the change it has making it and is the changing of the cloth that is on top of the table. Watch as I remove the cloth from the table and I’m serving a new table when you flourish in it: do not forget all the things around you.  Focus on the table and watch My Hand revel the mantle of the table and put a brand new and double that and see how I distribute the flourish of My Glory over the table!  Now come to the Table of Fire!

I’m getting ready to send you out as the fire in the night; you are going to be My fiery ones into the night of this world.  You are going to be those that are standing as burning bushes and fire in the night as you move.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries