Something Is About To Erupt

May 25, 2013 - From The Den

Please hear me. I heard this word this morning, clearly,
"I will restore today that which has been taken illegally, and even if My people have made mistakes."
Listen to what the word is – hear it now, please.

Abraham lied about his wife; said it was his sister for his fear of death, and so the king took Abraham's wife and God visited the king early that morning in a dream, "Should you touch this woman, I will kill you. That man is a man of God." The king came to Abraham and the king said to him, "Why did you lie to me? I could have died because I took into my hands your wife." And he came with offerings to Abraham and said, "Here is your wife back. It's your mistake, Abraham, but along with your wife, I'm giving you offerings of goats and bulls and sheep and stock for I want you to be totally restored" (see Genesis 20).

It was a mistake that Abraham made. It wasn't the king's mistake, but even though it was Abraham's mistake, God restored that mistake; God restored him, not only with his wife back, but with much in blessing.

Even If It's Your Mistake That Caused Your Loss

Today, this is what God tells me to tell you. Even if it's your mistake; even if you're the one who made the mistake and you've lost it, God said,
"I will restore it to you today but I will pay back twice the amount, four times the amount, five times the amount, 100-fold – if you would come to Me in faith today, I will do it," says the Lord.

Codebreakers Discussion of Russian Naval Troops and Gathering Off Syria

"And what shall I say about this," says the Lord? "What shall I say about these who speak with lofty words and their mouths utter words as if they were the Lord, God themselves! What shall I do about them? Shall I take their tongue and rip it from their mouths? Enough of this talk; there is too much speaking. There is too much – too much boasting and double talk." God says, "It's enough. It has come before Me as a stench. But now watch how I will silence some of these mouths, because you see, there's power in the tongue."

The Spirit of God says, "There's power in the tongue. I gave that tongue." But now the Spirit of God says, "As Sunil said, 'The split tongue that would speak two different things.' Is it not I that can take the tongue and pull it out?"

God says, "Why do I speak as if I'm angered? For I hear again that they want to come and take from My Israel that which I just granted them for their survival, for their children and their children's children and their descendants to come. Did I not say to Abraham, It's for your descendants forever? Israel is forever! Israel is forever! Therefore, you are now rising up against them – I will rip your tongue out and two of these leaders shall no longer have the power to speak."

God, I pray today, as You've spoken now, that You would destroy the power of those words that are coming and spreading throughout the world against Israel, against ecclesia, against the Church that You are building, against America the great. Oh Lord, I pray that You would stop some of these words for a season and that You would offer us Your word through the prophets and that You would speak through the prophets that constantly tell us the judgments of God and the doom of the future. You have promised us that You would take care of us on this earth so that Your Gospel could go to every ear and every home, and "It shall be so," says the Spirit of God.

Let's flow with this Codebreakers today. You know what happened there; I didn't even think about it. I was getting a little uncomfortable because the Spirit came on me and I don't want to interrupt you while you were talking. But I almost felt like they've overstepped the mark. I don't know how many have been killed in Syria (Sunil says estimates are 80,000 people)– 80,000 people! People say, "Well why didn't God just do something?" He is doing it. We're seeing what's happening amongst those people; there is such a revival taking place in Syria that you won't hear on the news – a move of the Spirit because those people are crying not to Allah – they're crying to God, and in turn, God is turning them to Christ. So as much as they're trying to imprison in Iran, the pastors and the Christians, it's just spreading. My point is – He is doing something about it.

Israel Is Forever

But I felt almost a
"Vengeance is Mine," says the Lord, and if it's His, then it's not within our power to do. It's already taken care of. But I felt that vengeance rising up and saying, "OK, they're planning to steal the resources so that My people will not be forever."
Hear me out. It was brought to my attention that He said to Abraham, You and your descendants, forever. The reason that I'm calling Israel is forever, forever, is because it is forever. Somebody wrote once and said nothing is forever. Well, anything God puts together is forever and the reason I called it that was because I was prophesying to the land when I was there. When I went to do the gathering at the Tower of David, you gathered with me. We heard great revelations and words that are still coming to pass. But I went back again, to the land, to prophesy into the land like Elisha did, and others – to bring resources from nothing.

So I felt like God took this very personally, that they're not only trying to attack, and all these weapons that they're using against Israel to destroy it – they never will, as long as He has a mouth that will speak and a promise that will be reminded to Him.
But now they're trying to take away the resources and destroy them again; therefore, I felt a vengeance coming up and God saying,
"Kim, I want you in Israel, whether you go with God TV or not. You get to Israel" (because we are going with God TV and you can join us). Please do it; stand with me on that soil in August of this year. But we're going to go back again – we're already planning it, again later on – because God has told me, "You must dedicate yourself not only to America and to some of the nations that I've told you, but to Israel again."

He's put me on a special fast for it and there's been tremendous – I've never, in 34 years, and I'm saying this today in 34 years – ever had the kind of warfare and struggle that I've had personally, ever. I've never had it like it is right now. It's the most painful thing, and I've had to endure this. I wept for three days in my garden – wept and wept – and I don't weep easily. Wept, feeling like something is about to erupt, and I have to be present to the moment.
He shoved me in China; He's making me go back again – things I don't want to do. And now telling me today, here on this program,
"I want you back in Israel. I want you back there, prophesying to the land; I want you to sing songs and your mantle and whatever I give you will bring the preservation." But He did say, and I heard this clearly, "I want to rip out some of these tongues." Now I don't know what that means; they could stop speaking or they could be not voted back into power, I don't know what it is, but God help them.

I have a new commission. Today it came, and it's regarding Israel. So obviously, I'm going to be needed there more than I thought. Please understand that I love the Den more than anything else. I never thought I'd feel this way about being in one place all the time, but I am so in love with you and the Den. But He obviously gave me a new commission, and with a new commission (and I say new, it's a new thing that came to me today) - that I need to go there more. I need to meet with these people like the mayor and different ones that God has opened up to me, but also to put my prophetic voice there; pray on the borders, pray in the various places. He wants me to go; He'll tell me what to do.

Kim Clement
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