Once Again I Shall Speak - Light Be! Let There Be Light!

March 13, 2013 - Prophetic Alert: "If My People Call, I Shall Come"

While singing "Glorify Your Name" in worship: "I will glorify My Name through whatever river I want, on whatever mountain I wish, in whichever valley I choose. I will honor and glorify My Name, for this is not an hour of division amongst people, My people. This is an hour to be united! My Son prayed the prayer, 'Father, make them one as You and I are one,' that the world may know who I am."

I pray today, glorify Your name throughout the earth; rise up, O Lord. Let no barrier stop You. Let no wall hold You back; let no idea stop You. We welcome You to this earth! Glorify Your name!

"And surely I will," says the Lord. "If My people call, I shall come. If My people praise, I shall inhabit it. If My people show faith, I will honor it. All I ask for is that your hearts be united with Mine and I will glorify My name."

We sense Your Presence. You are no respecter of persons. Your rain falls upon the just and the unjust, but there is a place for those who have been chosen and set apart.

"It is My time to invade the Roman Catholic Church. It is My time to invade those who call themselves Hispanic, Spanish. It is My time to invade, not just in South America, Central and, North, but throughout the earth as it has been spoken. Do not say that He cannot change a man, a life, a nation, a church. It is time for My favor to rest upon My people. The unrighteous shall stare in unbelief at what I am about to do. They shall stare in unbelief. Religions shall say, 'Is this that is happening – is there anything new under the sun?'

"Oh wait! Wait, watch and see, for My Spirit has been hovering on the land, above the land. As I was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end. As I hovered upon the earth, it was void and without form. I hovered, and suddenly the voice spoke, 'Light be!' So shall it be again," says the Lord, "as My Spirit hovers over a dark earth that is predisposed to failure, to doom, so My Spirit hovers. For once again I shall speak and shall say these words – 'Light be! Let there be light!' And the light of My Son shall shine. It has begun," says the Lord.

God Causes the Most Unlikely Candidate To Make a Way For You

Kim talking about Mary and Elizabeth: Old and young! Favor upon the elderly and upon the young. No more barrenness, but God fertilizing our lives. Hear the word of the Lord, every Warrior of mine today. This is that time!

I'm going to address one thing right now: Elijah was favored; a raven fed him. Some of you are watching, hoping an opportunity will open here. An opportunity will open there. You're pushing here and you're pushing there, but listen to me – what favor does! It causes the most unlikely candidate to make a way for you.

A raven is a very stingy beast, albeit intelligent. It gives nothing! And a prophetic word came out on Saturday regarding the raven. Some of you asked the question, "But Kim, you gave a prophetic word saying the raven will no longer feed the eagle."

That word back then was about what was going to happen to the United States of America where the Middle East and OPEC said, "We have control over you." Where a new source of energy would come and no longer would America need, from the Middle East, their oil supply. That was what the word meant then, so that prophecy was speaking about the Middle East, the oil, and America not dependent upon their oil.

The prophecy at The Den this last weekend spoke about God putting the Middle East in a needy place where it would need the USA to provide services and a new energy for them – therefore, they'll pay for the energy. There's a big difference.

And then the prophecy went to you, and God said because of what is being said and taught, then you will have supply from the most unlikely source. God even changed the nature of the raven in Elijah's time to bring meat so he could eat. Think about it. The new energy would come and we would see God's presence and see God's glory.

I'm speaking about a principle today that is in the Word of God, that is spoken from the beginning right till the very end, that an act of worship – which means I am responding to a revelation – once we do that, God opens doors in the most unlikely places, and I want you to know that today I heard, and I spoke, and wrote to you and said, "Come with favor on your lips and sow what you specifically want for." I'm talking about a highly unusual favor in the month of March. That's what I'm talking about!

Record Highs

Sunil sharing that for the ninth day the Stock Market has record highs:

Twenty thousand! I'm hearing 20,000. Twenty thousand – it will reach sooner than most people will think. I don't know what 20,000 is – all I heard was 20,000. It shall get to 20,000 – people say it will take years and years. The Spirit says, "No, it won't. It'll be sooner than most people think; it will be a shock – 20,000!"

Just As God Gave Jacob a Plan, So He Will Give You a Plan

Kim speaking about how he doesn't watch the news, so when he hears something, it will be fresh: I heard something the other day as well – "BBB" – and I said to the Lord, "Can You make it a little bit clearer?"

"People must invest, that's one of the things they should invest in."

I feel like He's holding it back, because you have to search it out yourself. God would like you to search it out for yourself and find out – BBB.

I'm stuttering and stumbling because I don't really know, but the Lord speaks through stammering lips, meaning that you take it, you pray about it. God wants to give His people millions of dollars, and even billions of dollars.

I saw the double crowns – remember I saw that? That was also another little clue for you to take so that you can invest and make money. All God requires from His people is 10% of their money, and most of you cannot even do that, and then He says the rest is yours, do whatever you want with it. But do something and start with the Kingdom of God. Then – you're hearing secrets right now – keep your eyes open.

God will show you that well that has not been unstopped yet, that hasn't been dug up yet, and you can be on the forefront of that and make literally tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars. I prophesy it to you and I release it to you and there are many of you watching me, saying, "Kim, I don't think I'll ever get out of this mess." NO! God gave Jacob a plan...

Kim Clement
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