I am mantling you with a Jehu spirit in this hour!

Dear Praying Friends,

during our weekend, the Spirit of Prophecy fell, and Barbara Wentroble, Keith Pierce and I began to prophesy:

"I am mantling you with a Jehu spirit in this hour.  I'm going to cause that Jehu spirit to rise up in you and overturn what has stopped the prophetic voice in days past, I'm going to give you the power and the anointing to break the power of that. (When Brian and John mark got to New York, on Monday, the cab driver's name was Jehu!) I am resurrecting that gift that is in you, which was shut down and pushed aside.  This is the hour that I come and I cause a fresh new river of My anointing to flow through you. Reach out and receive a new mantle. Let the Jehu spirit come upon you to stop all the tactics of Jezebel. I say her day is over. This is the day I'm calling the prophets to arise.  

I am the Ancient of Days, and I'm recreating a momentum for your life. I am slowing you down so I can accelerate you in days ahead.  For the enemy has attempted to wear you down. The enemy has attempted to change laws and change times to begin to stop you from accomplishing My will. The enemy has attempted to trap you by getting you out of My timing.  But the Ancient of Days is now rising over you to reset your pace ahead. Stand with Me and travail for the 21-day period that I tell you. And when you do that your pace for the future will be re-ordered.

He is coming as the Ancient of Days, and because He is the Ancient of Days, there is an ancient key that He carries. And in the carrying of this key you have seen the enemy take his place between you and the promise at this level. Press in, press in, press in and contend with the enemy because even over the next 21 days I will give you the strategy to contend with the one who has set himself to contend with you.  And then as you have pressed the 21 days, I will hand you the key of the Ancient of Days, and then I will contend with the one that has contended with you!

"Many hearts have been wearied and many, many minds have grown cold in My thinking process. But I am resetting heartbeats, and I'm opening up what's been closed down. I'm restoring and I'm causing you to walk in a time that escaped you in one season. If you will set your pace with Me, the next 7 years I will produce greatly for you and My storehouses will be made full."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries