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The Release from an Old Time

06.05.2019, Daniel Glimm

There is the power of the eternity of God in your heart and the measure of the revelatory truth associated with it, which has caused the enemy to take you captive in time in order to hinder the plan of God to be accomplished in your future (see Ecclesiastes 3:11a in conjunction with Acts 12:4-5)!
Currently you have the inner feeling as if the present time is encompassing you by feelings of the past as chains that make it difficult for you to act, says the spirit of the prophet!
There is the present time that has become the past which leads to a state of tiredness because it seems to you that the hour of the past is one step ahead in your present time! Do not believe this lie because the measure of eternity given to you by God is right in your heart and linked to His promise in your future (see Acts 12:6)!
You are currently in the ‘momentum of God’, so that the power of eternity affects you in order to recognize your present circumstance to become vision for your future!
As a result, you will detach yourself from the present circumstance, which is connected to your past!
It is the power of the revelatory truth and cooperative intercession that enables and encourages you, with the given anointing and good news, to step out of the time of control in order to stand in the glorious freedom of the sons of God, says the spirit of the prophet (see Acts 12:7-8 i.c.w. Ephesians 6:14a-15; Romans 8:21)!
Pay attention to the tightly closed doors that suddenly open, because it is about the impossible becoming possible!
This is not about ‘human ability’, but God's eternal plan for your life (see Luke 18:27)!
Because of the freedom given to you by God, you suddenly recognize the power of control of people who want to keep other people imprisoned in a time that has come to an end! But the measure of eternity in your heart, which is linked to the revelatory truth, causes you to draw attention to the freedom of the sons of God through your walk by faith!
While people of the past try to keep you imprisoned in your present time, they must realize that you are already in your good future in the fellowship of saints who love Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul and strength (see Deuteronomy 6:5 i.c.w. Matthew 22:37)!
Do not be confused when you suddenly see the door closed from the outside, because it is a sign of ending an old season and the beginning of a new one in which you will encounter the fellowship of saints and enjoy your freedom (see Acts 12:10.12-14.16)!”

Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm