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The Breath Of God And The Emitting Sparks

29.09.2017, Daniel Glimm

„There is the breath of God blowing into the prepared “fire” of the camp to make the sparks emitting!
From the bottom to the top! From the bottom to the top! From the bottom to the top!
It is about the measure of the agreement of saints which causes the power of the breath of God to blow into the fire to cause the sparks to come out!
There is the power of repentance that precedes faith so that a “fire” occurs in the camp upon which God's breath suddenly follows! It is the place where the Lord finds sincere repentance and reveals the power of His Spirit, says the spirit of the prophet (see Acts 2:38)!
It is about the confession of sin and forgiveness so that the power of God's grace and His salvation occurs (see Matthew 3:11 i.c.w. John 1:29; 1 John 1:9)!
Keep an eye on the circle within the circle!
Don't allow the wounding of the past to stop you to receive the new life in Jesus Christ!
There is the anointing of the creativity of the Lord which is falling on the artists so that a “new beginning” is made which is connected with an increasing expression in their art!
The reason for this is because the colors have a new value and prophesy in a fresh way to the people around them (see Isaiah 1:18).
Where it was hard, it will be easy!
There are ancient thought patterns that are torn down to understand the birthplace of the true love of God and His Bride, says the spirit of the prophet!
Observe the place of the anointing and responsibility! Recognize the change that is taking place!
This change brings forth the right choices for this time so that a new spiritual birth will come!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm