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God's Strength Against The Power Of Behemoth And Leviathan

12.09.2017, Daniel Glimm

“The way in which the Lord has spoken to you is changing! There is a transformation! There is a metamorphosis taking place in your communication!
Even the communication between you and other people is about to change dramatically! What you speak, men will understand, says the Spirit of the Prophet!
And the LORD says: “Do not fear the Behemoth, nor be afraid of Leviathan. I will show My power! I'll touch Behemoth! I'll touch him! I'll touch him! I touch his eyes! I'll touch him in the eye! No one can do this but I can!
I do it through My power! I have weapons to touch powers and destroy powers and principalities! My weapons are spiritual weapons! My weapons are not of this world, but My weapons are of My world! They have a destructive effect on all evil patterns in this world! I touch Behemot with My finger, but I will attack Leviathan with My weapons!"
The LORD says: “I have a hook! I have a string! I have a thorn! I have a rope! I have a harpoon! I will break this power! Invincible power for men but affordable power for Me!
There's an unbreakable shell, but I'll break it! The spirits of the ages are trying to stop it, but I AM coming to break through! I'll even change the way it lives! I will even change the way it breathes, because I will take a hook! I'll take a hook!”
The LORD says: “I will take a hook! I am coming through My Church as the Ancient of Days! I'll come and take the hook! I'll grab it by the nose (see Job 40:15-24; Job 41:1-34)!”
I will show My glory great, says the Lord (see Haggai 2:9)! I'll show it on the basis of My intervention towards Leviathan and Behemoth! I change vision and I change lives!
There's a change in perspective and a change in lifestyle!
I'm breaking through this impenetrable “protection”! I even break through the sound barrier - the sounds of the ancient evil forces over time and periods of time! It's about contracts, curses and agreements!
I break through the ceiling of evil and make it burst like glass! And that will be the beginning of My glory on earth! What I do in the heavens is the breakthrough of My glory on earth, says the Lord.
The reason why I attack Behemoth and Leviathan is because I am proving My power!
The GREAT ONE shows His power, says the Spirit of the Prophet!
I will use the power of My Church to do this through My Word! And that's the revelatory truth! My church grabs the eye of Behemoth and attacks Leviathan and grabs him! It (Behemot/Leviathan) is the power that tried My Sound of Righteousness and My Words of Justice to tear to the ground! I won't allow it to drag it down! The earth can't swallow My righteousness! The earth won't swallow it! The depth will not swallow it! But I speak to the surface and the surface will open its mouth! And I will remove all saliva of evil! I will command the earth to devour it! Curse to curse and blessing to blessing, says the LORD! And in these days you will see the difference between the righteous and the wicked because I show My glory great (see Malachi 3:18)!
Look at the broken glass on earth! I will reflect My glory through the broken glass! I will show My glory through the communities!
People say and ask: “Why is the water so destructive?!” And the Lord says: “Because I will show My glory great! The evil one is trying to destroy!” But I say: “Look at the water and look at the sun! I will reflect My glory! It is about My glory in places where it has never been before! I will spill over with My Glory!
First I establish justice, and then I come with My glory!
Understand WHO I AM! I'm in control! I'm in control!”
One touch and then an attack! One touch and then an attack! This is the strategy of the Most High to show His power in a great way! Gadol! This power is far too great for us to be able to hold it in ourselves alone! God's capacity is so much greater than the capacity we have! It is a full and shaken measure, says the Spirit of the Prophet (see Luke 6:38)!
The LORD says to His church: “I don't want to see that you have different measurements. I don't want you to have a smaller and bigger measure in your heart!”
The LORD says: "I want you to have a great measure. The smaller dimension is connected with the past!
Don't stay in the past! Don't take them with you, because what I have is greater!
Don't take two different measurements with you!
Don't have a weight which is too small for My capacity!
I don't want you to have "a kilo"! I want you to have "a thousand kilos"!
Because the essence that I want to give you will be far more weighty than the weight that you have when you have too little! If your measure is too small, My measure will have a destructive effect on you!
It's important that you have the right amount of truth! Because what I bring in with My Spirit is so great and precious! It's holy! Don't take the old measure of the past and keep it that way! Don't talk about the vision of the past! Don't talk from the perspective of the past!
My men and women of God have come and gone!
There was a coming and going! It's the phase of letting things go! Let it go, for what I bring is greater than what was before!
I want you to have the right truth which is the spirit-filled truth!
Do not have the letter, but have the Spirit and the letter (see 2 Corinthians 3:6)! It is revelatory truth that has the right and proper weight for My essence which I pour out!”
People of God, I am not talking about a liquid but about the essence of God, says the Spirit of the Prophet!
This is the most concentrated power! This power is so great but it uses little things! It is so big that it only needs a drop of it to forgive, to heal and to destroy!
Humility and greatness are close together (see Matthew 25:23 i.c.w. James 4:10)!
Foolishness and wisdom are close together! That, what is foolishness for the world is wisdom for God (see 1 Corinthians 1:18)!
He's coming in a big way! A little hook and a tamed Leviathan! Just a hook!
Only one small finger nudge on the eye of Behemot causes a big, big change on the earth!
Don't be afraid of Behemoth! Don't be afraid of Leviathan! Don't be afraid of the river! Don't fear the sea! Do not be afraid of the economy! Do not be afraid of the society because there is a touch and an “attack” of God!
I am talking about a global touch, the touch of the seven continents! It's about nations! It's about race! It's about languages! It's about tongues!
God's presence, the presence of the Father, the royal presence of the Father hovers above the earthly realm! Behemoth and Leviathan will be touched and attacked.”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm