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A Time for Breakthrough!

29.08.2017, Chuck D. Pierce


Dear Advancing Ones,
I woke up this morning thinking about breakthrough. So many people need a spiritual breakthrough … in healing, finances, and favor. I started reading in Isaiah from chapters 55-58. Through the prophet, the Lord begins to invite us to an abundant life. Here is a prophetic word the Lord gave me from these chapters:
“Seek Me while I may be found, call upon Me while I am near. I am thinking beyond you! My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways. I have thoughts to interject into your circumstance. There are thought patterns within you that I need to change. I will send signs and wonders to help point you on the path ahead. As the rain comes down and waters the earth, seed will come forth for those who are willing to sow. My word shall not return void! I sent the word to accomplish something and from that word you shall prosper. I will raise you up and make you joyful in your ‘House of Prayer.’ I will heal any backsliding that has occurred in your life. You will need to fast, but only fast the way that I instruct you. This will be of great benefit to you. I am longing to break you out of old religious patterns! If you are willing to submit, your light will BREAK FORTH like the morning, and your HEALING will break forth speedily. Your righteousness will go before you, and I will come behind you. Do not fear your past any longer. I am preparing a way of escape for you, and I will rearguard you.”
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries